How the Hell Did Meg Thee Stallion Get Multiple Fake Nail Sets in a Week?

You could fill entire Pinterest boards with all the incredible manicures Megan The Stallion has worn in the past couple of years alone — like her recent kawaii rainbow set, her hyper-detailed anime nail design, or even the classic peach polish she wore at the 2021 Grammy Awards. In one week alone, the rapper has added not one but two more manicures to her impressive nail-art résumé and both are a callback to one of the biggest nail trends of 2020. 

"This weeks $ets," Meg captioned a photo slideshow posted to Instagram on August 1. The first manicure shown is pastel purple at the bottom and blends into a bright blue near the tips. The other, which she wore to perform for hundreds of thousands at Lolapalooza, has a frosty blue base with silver and black detailing, plus itty bitty nail piercings on a couple of digits. 

Both of Thee Stallion's manicures have sharp, slanted tips, known as the lipstick nail shape, which was wildly popular at the start of 2020 and might soon be breaching a comeback, thanks to Meg. 

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Whether Megan will successfully ring in a new era of lipstick nails is yet to be seen. In meantime, we can't help but ask: How is she pulling off multiple, elaborate nail-art looks in less than a week? If these are press-on nails, the glue she's wearing is impressing as all hell, considering it can last for a high-octane live Megan Thee Stallion performance. And if they're gel extensions, acrylics, or anything of the sort, then she must be spending a lot of time soaking those puppies in acetone.

However Megan is executing these rapid nail-art wardrobe changes, we and the rest of her fans are in awe. But what else is new?

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