Reese Witherspoon Weighs In On Jameela Jamil’s Body Positivity Talks

Jameela Jamil has acquired a new fan and it’s none other than Walk the Line actress Reese Witherspoon. She recently expressed her view about Jameela’s efforts for encouraging women to admire their bodies in every form when she came across the latter’s interview with the rapper Lizzo.

Reese was so amazed by the conversation that Jameela had with Lizzo that she even thought of sharing it with her followers on social media. A mother to three children, the award-winning film star admitted that she found Jameela’s talks to be really inspiring which has made her a fan of the British actress.

Jameela, who is known for starring in The Good Place, got her motivation to work in the area of body positivity after observing serious weight shaming that is prevalent on social media. She then created the Instagram account known as I Weigh where she asks followers to share things that make them realize their own value. Interestingly, what started with talking about qualities like baking skills and being a great friend grew into conversations regarding body image and acceptance which was also appreciated by other celebs.

Most recently, Jameela attracted the limelight after she chose to call out big names of the glamor world like Cardi B and the Kardashians for endorsing weight-loss products such as lollipops that kill the appetite.

The young activist says that she is working mainly for helping all the young people, especially the girls who easily get influenced. She believes the young females out there feel insecure about their image as they have always been told to be perfect and likeable all the time. It is the time when celebrities are being followed more than any religion. They are the influencers, and this is the reason it has become more essential to handle that responsibility with great care.

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