A lot of fat, little fat, what’s wrong now?

In the morning two tablespoons of linseed oil in the curd and a tablespoon of Butter in the coffee. Lunch “a minimum of two to three” tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil over the salad and also a light evening meal, olive oil, Butter, or coconut, and should not be lack of fat. “Healthy and fat stressed eating”, recommends from the television well-known Doctor Anne spot in your current book.

Healthy and at the same time extremely greasy? For figure-Conscious, economical with the Oil and Butter … sounds like a contradiction. In fact, spot-on advice quickly exceed the recommendations of the German nutrition society (DGE) for the daily intake of fats and Oils. This form is designed to help the DGE and the smallest proportion of all food groups in the diet.

The example is one of many that shows how strong the opinions about healthy eating. The ideal ratio of fats and carbohydrates in the diet, the experts discussed for months.

As a result of a study, which was published about one and a half years in the journal “The Lancet”. She brought a high-fat diet, with benefits for health: Who ate fat-rich, lived in the study longer. For some, this is reason enough to put previous recommendations into question, and to rehabilitate the reputation of Butter and co. was. Experts from the DGE referred to the significance of the study, however, due to the methodological shortcomings as severely restricted.

Now the Doctor Fleck enthuses on more than 400 pages of your book “get the fat” from healthy fats. There are great limitations: Snacks from the fryer does not include, of course, even between vegetable oils stain sees enormous differences. The General “low Fat Dogma” but on a very thin data basis, says the Doctor.

Fat reduction only: it is Also not a bringer of salvation

That fat reduction alone is not a bringer of salvation is also shown by data from the United States. Although the percentage of fat is decreased in the diet of Americans since the seventies, an average of 42 to 34 percent, the spread of Obesity and Diabetes in the population. The diet researchers reported recently in the journal “Science”.

This development also other things play a role, have changed since the seventies, portion sizes, for example, or the life-style. How exactly to lower fat in the diet on the Obesity of Americans, and can therefore not really answer.

It is the Dilemma of all observational studies, on which many of the insights in nutritional science are based. You can only prove that two things may be related to each other: the one Who eats a lot of cucumber may be slim, according to the observations more often. That alone is not evidenced, however, that indeed, cucumbers are slender, and not, for example, the cucumber-eaters are also much sportier people and with the movement of your pounds to lose.

The authors of the “Science”publication even come to the conclusion that there is no generally applicable diet tips. In order to evaluate the influence of food on health, more is needed than a glance at the proportions of carbohydrates, protein and fat, they write. Not everyone’s metabolism reacts the same to diets, and calorie sources. In addition, factors such as the quality of the food, or their combination played in addition to the genes for a role.

And what you looking for then?

More important than the discussion about the right proportions of fat and carbohydrates to make sure that you take altogether too much energy and fats and carbohydrates are of good quality, says DGE-speaker Silke rest Meyer.

Many eat, therefore, too little fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit – but too many simple carbohydrates in the Form of added sugar (as in fruit yogurt, or soda) and refined starch (e.g. white bread, potato chips, and cake).

Hidden fats from products such as sausages, confectionery, finished products and Fast Food should also be avoided as far as possible, advises rest Meyer. Such hidden fats often bring a lot of energy but relatively few nutrients.

The recommended herbal Oils such as from olives, nuts or sunflower seeds provide essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. they have also a lot of calories, so rest Meyer. Who eating overall balanced and a lot of moving, had to make a question but no idea.