A Woman on Reddit ‘Begged’ Not to Have to Wax Before Her Uncle’s Wedding & Reddit Had Her Back

Weddings are known to be a day for love and celebration, but they can also bring out the absolute worst in people. Take it from one woman on Reddit who refused to get rid of her body hair to attend her uncle’s wedding and her mom had a fit.

“She got me 2 dresses, even though I didn’t want them,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She told me that I had to do makeup. Makeup is itchy and makes me uncomfortable. So I begged her not to give me makeup and she said okay. But now she is telling me I must get rid of my body hair. She said I can either get it waxed (a lady is coming to our home to prep all the female family members) or I can just shave it.”

The user added that she hated the obsession with getting rid of hair, and found waxing to be incredibly painful. Her first memory was when she was 12 and she had to stop half way through because it hurt so bad.

“I don’t think having smooth skin with no hair is worth that uncomfort. I never even really hated my body hair.”

“I told my mom I didn’t want to get rid of my body hair. She said that everyone will judge me and say that I look like a man. I told her that they should mind their own business.”

Yikes! The two got into a heated argument which ultimately led the OP to tell her mom she never wanted to go in the first place.

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“She knows I really hate any kind of social gathering and she knows I hate makeup and she knows I hate getting rid of body hair but she keeps on asking me to do these things and gets upset when I don’t agree,” she wrote.

The two finally came to a meeting point and the mother told the OP “okay, fine”, but not without the OP feeling completely awful about the whole interaction and wondering if she was TA. But users were quick to jump in and offer her support and validation that she rightly deserved. 

One person responded with, “It’s really sad that body hair on women is still seen as this taboo and embarrassing when it’s perfectly natural. It’s your body, don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. I’m impressed that you are so happy and confident in your natural body and don’t feel the need to shave/wax for anyone else’s benefit.”

While others offered words of sympathy and advice on how she could cover her body hair, so she could still attend family events and keep the peace. Some suggested tights to cover her legs, while others offered up a long sleeve dress or blazer to cover her arms. 

But some were quick to offer up an alternate perspective and suggest that the OP’s mom was just looking out for her daughter’s best interest, and didn’t want her to be judged or mistreated at a family event. But regardless, the decision is ultimately up to the OP with what she wants to do with her body and her own body hair. And luckily, Redditors overwhelmingly had her back.

“If I was your mother, I’d be proud that you didn’t compromise yourself to please others,” one user added. “Because with that confidence, those people and those things don’t even matter.”

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