According to the study: This is the healthiest food in the world

No matter, whether spinach or Chinese cabbage: Green leafy vegetables are considered to be absolute nutrient guarantors. But one of these leafy vegetables is rarely on our dining plan – and completely wrong! As a study in the journal "Preventing Chronic Disease" was released, now shows, get the classic the healthy vegetables serious competition from a crop of this, you would have probably not expected: The healthiest foods in the world, watercress is actually. (Also interesting: These foods do not belong in the fridge)

Watercress: a remarkably high nutrient content

In the collection of the 41 healthiest fruits and vegetables the watercress is on the first place. It offers numerous advantages: it contains a lot of iron, calcium and Vitamin C as well as minerals and antioxidants. With its high content of Vitamin A and C boosts the immune system, calcium, potassium, and Magnesium for bone health, Vitamin K helps to prevent cell damage in the brain. Watercress, with its contained oxidants even be effective in the prevention of cancer.

Also, you what to create food creates: With a consumption of 100 calories is actually 100 percent of daily nutritional needs are covered. For comparison: Chinese cabbage, chard, comes to just under 92 percent, 89 percent, and spinach on more than 86 per cent. As the basis of calculation is the so-called list of “Powerhouse serves-Group”, the name of the nutrient richest foods. The list is according to the amount of 17 nutrients in order – and the proportion of ingredients set in relation to the number of Calories. (Also read: 4 Food Trends that actually work)

Fruit performs less well

Fruit has in the Powerhouse list, Check it out. The first five places are occupied by vegetables. Who wants to grab a healthy fruit and / or between genera between fruit and vegetables is best served with pumpkin, tomato and lemon. Healthy red pepper.

"The results show the consumer how your daily energy needs and how they most of the nutrients from your food get. The order provides clarity in the quality of nutrients of the various foods and can be used in the selection of the most nutritious food in the Powerhouse group helfen", the author of the study, Jennifer Di Noia of William Paterson University in the U.S. state of New Jersey, exterior in a press release.

If you are asking yourself how you watercress is best in the next meal-install, then try it as a green side dish to main dishes, such as fish or sweet potatoes.

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