After Emergency SURGERY of her 4-year-old son, warns the mother in front of the popular toy

The mother of Jennifer White from Milwaukee in the US had to go through the state of Wisconsin now in his own body. Your four-year-old son, Beck, as you self-reported on Facebook that have broken up such a magnetic toy, and 13 of the small magnets that were in it, swallowed.

“Magnets have caused holes in his bowels”

The Boy, the mother reported in her Post that had come with the ambulance to the hospital and have to have emergency surgery. “They had to remove part of his intestine and of the cecum. The magnets have caused holes in his intestines and an infection caused.“

Wanting to warn aware of all the parents of small children in front of this toy.

Also, dogs could bite open easily. “I feel guilty and don’t want to post, but no other child should have to suffer.”

Swallowed magnets are not externally visible

Her son Beck had first shown symptoms of illness such as the flu and throw up. The vomit was unusually dark. “In this Moment, I knew something was wrong,” said Jennifer White, the local news page TMJ4.

Doctors confirm that swallowed magnets can cause great damage, and a visit to the hospital is in such a case, immediately required. “Swallowed a Magnet or a magnetizable object, not leaving the magnets to the body in a natural way. But it takes place in the stomach-intestine tract is a mutual attraction, which can cause a mechanical bowel obstruction, or a Perforation of the intestine,“ writes Dr. Peter Wien corner from the Bavarian state office for health and food safety. “These injuries can be in the worst case, even fatal. In many cases, the magnets can only be achieved by surgical intervention to remove.“

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Check whether all of the toy parts are still there

That a child is suffering from a magnet in the body, which, however, is difficult to diagnose. The children showed flu-like symptoms. And for Doctors not to be externally seen that a Magnet has been swallowed. Therefore, it is vital that parents informed the doctor if you suspect a Magnet has been swallowed.

In addition, parents should allow small children to basically not be alone with a magnetic toy to play. And, also, regularly check, whether all items are available or, for example, a Magnet is missing. When buying magnetic toys it is also helpful to pay attention to the Europe-wide valid standard DIN EN 71-1.

The small Beck has recovered, according to other Posts of his mother, in the meantime, well from his surgery. Jennifer White hopes that his fate will do a lot of other parents on the risks of magnetic toys carefully.