Alan Sugar health: ‘It was dangerous’ Apprentice star on his health scare

Lord Alan Sugar, 72, is the definition of a self-made man. Out of his humble beginnings in Hackney, he has built a a hugely successful business empire. His impressive business credentials make him the logical choice to scrutinise other’s people’s business strategies, a role he has taken up in BBC’s The Apprentice. Despite his towering stature, a health scare proved the business magnate is not invincible.

You better go straight to A&E

Lord Alan Sugar

The business tycoon revealed the details of his health scare on Piers Morgan’s Life stories.

He said: “I go and have this thing and see the doctor, who is reading the scans, and he said to me, ‘You better go straight to A&E. It was dangerous.’”

In earlier report, Lord Sugar’s spokesman, Andrew Bloch, confirmed the health scare: “As part of his normal annual health check routine in the USA, Lord Sugar has had an angiogram and other heart tests.”

According to the NHS, an angiogram is a type of X-ray used to examine blood vessels.

“They are used to help diagnose conditions that affect blood vessels and the flow of blood through them,” explained the health site.

These include:

  • Coronary heart disease – the blood flow through the artery that supplies the heart muscle is disrupted because it has become narrowed
  • Aneurysm – a section of a blood vessel wall bulges outward due to a weakness in the wall
  • Atherosclerosis – blood vessels become clogged up with fatty substances, such as cholesterol

What are the risks of having an angiogram?

According to the British Heart Foundation, an angiogram is a relatively safe, very common test. Serious complications are rare and a person’s doctor will discuss these before they have it done, explained the health body.

Following an angiogram, some people may develop a collection of blood under the skin, which is called a haematoma. This can be uncomfortable and cause bruising, but it should go down after a few days, noted the health site. “However, contact your doctor if you have any concerns,” the health body said.

“A small amount of radiation is used during an angiogram. The doctor will bear this in mind if you have been exposed to higher levels than normal,” it added.

Fortunately, Lord Alan’s health scare was not serious. Sugar’s spokesman, Andrew Bloch, said: “This minor procedure included the fitting of a stent. Lord Sugar was on the mend within a day and cleared to resume exercise after a week.”

This is the typical course of treatment for heart-related procedures, as the NHS explained: “Most modern angioplasty procedures also involve inserting a short wire-mesh tube, called a stent, into the artery during the procedure.

“The stent is left in place permanently to allow blood flow more freely. A coronary angioplasty is preformed using local anaesthetic which means a person is awake while the procedure is carried out.”

Lord Sugar’s spokesman confirmed he was good in shape: “He is in perfect medical health and plays tennis and rides his bike for 40 miles regularly. For the avoidance of doubt, he did not have a heart attack and his heart is in perfect condition.”

Indeed, the business magnate even quipped about his recent surgery in a post on Twitter: “My cardiologist came to breakfast. I can’t understand why he told me off.”

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