Alarming result: In almost all of the Outdoor products toxic chemicals

Greenpeace has once again found dangerous chemicals in Outdoor clothing. The organization criticized for years, the use of toxic PFCs in waterproof clothing. So far, manufacturers have been able to find no alternative textiles.

In a weather-proof Outdoor clothing, sleeping bags or tents many manufacturers, according to an investigation by Greenpeace are still toxic chemicals. In a Test of 40 products, the environmental organization found almost everywhere per – and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC). “Only in 4 out of 40 items, no PFC were detected,” said Greenpeace on Monday at the world’s largest sport trade fair ispo in Munich.

Greenpeace denounces the use of hazardous chemicals in water-tight Jackets, pants or backpacks. The so-called PFC ensure that water and dirt from the clothes drip off and this feels even during prolonged wet, dry and light. For the environment, the substances are but a burden, and are also suspected to be carcinogenic.

So far, no Alternative found

Most of the major Outdoor manufacturers in Germany have announced to the Greenpeace campaign to switch to other crops and to refrain from, at the latest by 2020, for the substances. That it is not faster to justify the companies with the difficult search for Alternatives. Clothing, for example, in the case of the naturally waterproof membrane is on the outside, while remaining waterproof, but feels on the surface, clammy and heavy.

For the current Test Greenpeace had investigated mainly products of well-known foreign manufacturers, which will exhibit at ispo. “These are disappointing results for Outdoor-lovers who wish to have their equipment clean and environmentally friendly,” said Manfred Santen, chemistry expert at Greenpeace, called on the manufacturer to replace risk-chemicals by eco-friendly Alternatives.