Andy Cohen's Personal Trainer Says Bravo Host Is More 'Ripped Than Ever' After He 'Cut Down on Drinking'

Andy Cohen‘s personal trainer is revealing how the Bravo host has achieved his fitter-than-ever-before physique.

The talk show host’s longtime trainer Stanislav Kravchenko shared this week that Cohen has been prioritizing his fitness lately, resulting in a more “ripped” appearance.

“Andy does look [more] ripped than ever before, and I’m super happy about this,” Kravchenko told Bravo Insider on Wednesday. “I will say I didn’t dramatically change [the] exercise routine. I think that Andy [prioritizes] his health right now more, and his healthy lifestyle, and he [started] eating cleaner, healthier. He cut down on drinking as well.”

Kravchenko said that Cohen’s success comes down to a “combination of eating healthy, [cutting] down on drinking, and being very active in the gym,” adding that Cohen “got success. He got the body he has now!”

The fitness trainer added that since Cohen became a dad to 1-year-old son Benjamin, the Bravo stalwart “prioritizes his health way more and he became more focused on the gym.”

Kravchenko said that Cohen cancels his workout sessions less frequently than he did before — even if that means he has to multitask. The trainer added, while “I’m working out with him, he can be on his ear pods, having some conversation about his work.”

Cohen revealed in November that he decided over the summer to focus on living a more healthy lifestyle.

“So, this summer, I had a moment where I was like, I really felt like my suits were getting tight and it was beach season and I was wearing like button-downs to the beach and I’m like ‘I’m not this guy, I’m not doing this.'”

“I lost 12 pounds and I’ve just been really watching what I’m eating,” Cohen told Today show host Hoda Kotb, saying that he stopped drinking cocktails while hosting Watch What Happens Live in mid-July.

Kravchenko told Bravo Insider that cutting back on alcohol is something he recommends to his clients.

“I will say this: my recommendation to each of my clients is to have less alcohol, obviously,” he said. “I’m a fitness and health industry [professional]. But I’m not going to tell them to stop drinking right away. I’m not demanding on this. I think Andy’s very smart, and he understands this, how it impacts his health.”

“I’ll suggest to my clients, and this is one of my 2020 goals/resolutions, is to find the balance,” Kravchenko added.

Balancing healthy eating with indulgence is something that Cohen previously discussed with The Cut.

“I’m either being really healthy or just not,” Cohen told the outlet in 2017. “There are moments in my life where I am trying to lose weight for something, and unless that’s happening I try to indulge within reason.”

“The funny thing is I’m usually the most out of shape in the summer. It’s ridiculous, but I like to eat hot dogs and hamburgers and ice cream in the summer and I just don’t believe in denying myself,” he continued. “Life is too short and it’s boring to not enjoy yourself.”

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