Angelina is since 8 years in coma – no one knows who you are with measles infected

The case of the small Angelina has Germany since years. The now 13-year-old girl is since years in coma – the consequences of measles disease as a Baby. At the age of six months, she had put on it somewhere – probably in the case of someone who was not even vaccinated. Since Doctors recommend the vaccination until the age of eleventh month of life, lacked self-protection.

Angelina was five years old and was on the verge of their Training, as their parents noticed strange behavior in her daughter. "She could no longer walk, no longer speak, no longer sitting. You could not schlucken&quot once more;, told mother Gina the "Spiegel".

Care case, with five years

Doctors diagnose an sclerosing Panencephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. Of the Doctors of the University clinic of Würzburg, the parents were explained that the disease is a late consequence of measles disease, their then six-month-old daughter.

Since your fifth year, Angelina is a care case, 22 drugs she gets every day, is artificially fed. At the age of five she fell into a coma. Her last words were "Dad, why are you crying?" been reports, the parents of the "Bild". "We got Angelina a few months ago and from the clinic, so you may die in your family in peace. Each day of the last sein&quot could;, mother Gina says.

The appeal of their parents: Let your children vaccinated!

Where Angelina the measles virus has captured, don’t know the parents until today. "At the time, we did a lot with public transport. Therefore, it could happen anywhere, leider", angelina’s mother of the &quot said;Abendzeitung" a few years ago. Angelina – A life with SSPE(Facebook To Facebook to let angelina’s parents, others to their fate.

The parents of Angelina have started a Facebook page in order to make the case. "We want to educate and show what it can have bad consequences if not enough people sind&quot vaccinated;, mother Gina explained to the "Spiegel". The parents do not want to give up the fight – even if each day Gina’s could be the last: “she looks at us and laughing, too, but she’s listening to us, I’m sure.”

The nonprofit organization, heart, human e. V. supports families like Angelina. Who would like to help, here you can find information about this.