Bernie Sanders Hospitalized for Heart Trouble, Suspends Campaign Events

Campaign officials announced on Wednesday morning that Senator Bernie Sanders, 78, had been treated for chest discomfort and artery blockages, and was canceling upcoming campaign events.

Reports say he was hospitalized in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, where he’d traveled for a gun forum. He experienced “chest discomfort” that sent him to the hospital. Testing revealed blockages that were then treated with two stents.

Every year, nearly a million other Americans a stent implantation procedure, which involves threading a little woven metal device through an artery, up to the blockage. There, it expands to a ziti-like shape to hold the artery open and allow oxygen-rich blood back to the heart. (See more about who gets them and why here.) The sooner stents can be implanted after chest pains or discomfort, the more effective they tend to be.

A 2016 report on his health read that the presidential candidate had no history of cardiovascular disease at that time, although Sanders had been through a number of other health issues including gout, hernias, diverticulitis, and a cyst on his vocal cord.

Sanders has been one of the front-runners in the 2020 Democratic primary, and has actively spoken out about healthcare in America and what changes he believes need to be made. He was scheduled to appear in California to do outreach to Latino voters via a college tour. A statement read by aides said that events and appearances will be cancelled until further notice, but updates will be provided.

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