Chelsea Clinton Thinks JAY-Z Should've Had a Different Response to Beyoncé's Weight Loss

Chelsea Clinton isn’t a fan of the way JAY-Z reacted to Beyoncé when she shared her excitement about fitting into her old costumes following the birth of the couple’s twins, Rumi and Sir — documented in her hit Coachella concert film, Homecoming. 

In a profile for The Cut, Clinton recalled the moment she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, watched Beyoncé’s Netflix documentary and she was taken aback at the rapper’s response — or lack thereof — to his wife’s weight loss announcement.

The 39-year-old author explained that in the scene, the Lemonade artist FaceTimes her husband to show off her post-baby body in her pre-pregnancy costumes to which JAY-Z doesn’t appear to be very enthused.

“And I said, ‘Marc, if that’s ever me, you better have more enthusiasm,’” Clinton said she told her husband while watching the film at the time.

“It wasn’t the ‘I’m so proud of you. That’s amazing’ that I arguably think any woman deserves, particularly someone who has clearly worked herself body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit to get to that place,” Clinton continued, sharing how she believed JAY-Z should have reacted to his wife’s achievement.

“Marc was like, ‘Duly noted.’ And I was like, ‘I bet every woman watching this has this sense of ‘She deserves more enthusiasm,'” she explained, before noting that her husband was ready to move on from the discussion to continue watching the film.

“Marc was like, ‘I got it. Can we go back to watching it, please? We’ve talked about it three times in the last 90 seconds,” she added.

Despite disagreeing with the way the “Empire State of Mind” rapper responded to his wife, Clinton “loved Homecoming” regardless, she told the outlet.

Recently, Clinton and Mevinsky welcomed their own baby, Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky.

“This morning we welcomed our son, Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky,” she tweeted on July 22. “We are overflowing with love and gratitude and can’t wait to introduce him to his big sister and brother.”

The pair are also parents to Aidan, 3, and Charlotte, 5.

Clinton’s mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, re-shared the exciting news, adding, “Sharing some happy news this morning! Bill and I are so thrilled.”

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