Corona-crisis in Germany: the economic recession hits-Alarm

The Coronavirus from China arrived in Germany – and it is preparing rapidly. 15 of the 16 Federal States are already affected. Employers now first consequences. More than 3,000 casualties since the Covid-19 world yet. You can find all the information about the Coronavirus outbreak in the News-Ticker at FOCUS Online.

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Corona-crisis: recession risk in Germany has increased, according to the BDI

Top news (06.52 PM): The industry sees the danger of a recession in Germany in the face of massive consequences for the economy due to the novel Coronavirus has increased considerably. "Economic growth threatens almost to a Standstill to kommen", it is said in the new quarterly report from the Federation of German industries (BDI). This is the German press Agency. It does not come to an economic normalization in the of the Corona-epidemic-affected countries in the second quarter, the BDI for Germany for the year as a decline in economic performance.

It would be the first recession, in the long years of growth-drenched German economy since 2009. At that time, all major economies collapsed in the Wake of the global financial crisis, massive. The industry Association called on the Federal government to Act. It quickly the economy would have to be agreed upon political measures in the coalition and, if possible, before Easter, decided. It would, without further delay, the arrangements for facilitating the setting of short-time work as in the years of the financial crisis in 2008/2009 in force. "Germany must not slide seeing eye in a recession." dpa , such As the Coronavirus Test works

Coronavirus: a child is infected, "Fack Ju Göthe"-School in Bavaria, sealing

Top news (06.50 am): In Würzburg and Unterhaching are in the night of Thursday, three more cases of Coronavirus confirmed and, therefore, schools first have been closed. In Unterhaching is a child of Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium visits, demonstrably with Sars-CoV-2 infected, informed the district office of Munich. The health Department and the school administration had therefore decided to close the school on Thursday and Friday. All pupils should therefore remain at home. The school is likely to many Germans to be known: The highly successful Comedy series "Fack Ju Göhte" was filmed there.

In a communication to the Erltern it means: "We were informed today of the night from the health Department that a child in our school has tested positive for Corona Virus. The SCHOOL remains then, as a precaution, up to and including Friday, 06.03. closed. The health Department has promised us that in the course of the day tomorrow (Thursday, 05.03.) the contact persons and notified to be determined. As contact persons in the several minutes direct &apos according to the health Department persons;face-to-face' Contact with the infected Person had".

Also in Würzburg were two young adults of the Leonhard Frank-school is a positive effect on the Coronavirus tested. The lessons from the case after consultation with the health Department and the government of lower Franconia, on Thursday, informed the city of Würzburg. Whether it is student or teacher was initially unclear.

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Important telephone numbers at Covid-19-suspicion

The government recommends that: In the case of Coronavirus-symptoms, is it call better, instead of sitting in the waiting room.

  • 116 117: A Doctor’s On-Call Service
  • 115: Unitary Authorities Number
  • 0800 011 77 22: Independent Patient Counselling Germany
  • 030 346 465 100: citizens telephone of the Federal Ministry of health

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Serious fun: the Australian newspaper, helps people with toilet paper

05.49 PM: No toilet paper available, because the people due to the Coronavirus, the shelves are empty bought? An Australian local newspaper, has a way of making it fun. She appeared on Thursday with eight empty pages to cut, as the pattern of the Australian continent to see. "The toilet paper is out? The "NT News" darum&quot cares;, the newspaper, which appears in the North of the country, and for naughty headlines, it is known wrote. "Get the limited Edition, single-layer toilet newspaper sheets." As in many countries where the Virus is rampant, there are also in Australia, currently in the stores, empty shelves because of the hoarding. Hu Huhu/XinHua/Reuters

Coronavirus: Again 31 Dead in China – 139 new infections

Thursday, 05. March, 03.40 PM: lung disease Covid-19 are in China, 31 other people have fallen victim to. The Beijing health Commission, announced on Thursday, were all of the new victims in the most severely affected province, registered in Hubei, where the novel Coronavirus was originally in the million metropolis of Wuhan was broken out. In addition, infections were added to the 139 newly confirmed with the pathogen. More than 3000 people died in the Chinese mainland so far, of the Virus. Out of a total of 80 409 of the Infected were cured according to official figures, so far 52 045. Ahn Young-Joon/AP/dpa

California proclaims state of emergency due to Coronavirus

Thursday, 05. March, 02.38 PM: California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday because of the spread of the Coronavirus to the state of emergency declared. His decision was made just a few hours after the first death to be coastal if in the Western state. "With 53 positive cases tested this (Virus) is not just a part of our state isoliert", Newsom said.

By a state of emergency Declaration can be mobilized in case of emergency, quickly money, and other resources. In California, is to call in the event of natural disasters such as forest fires or earthquakes, often of a state of emergency to coordinate emergency aid better. In California, it was reported on Wednesday a first case of death by new lung disease. It was an older man, probably in February on Board of the cruise ship "Princess" from San Francisco to Mexico got infected, informed the local health authority in Placer County.

USA: house of representatives provides billion for the fight against Corona

23: 46: The US house of representatives for the fight against the Coronavirus is from the new funds in the amount of 8.3 billion dollars ready. A corresponding emergency law was adopted on Wednesday, with 415 votes to 2 by the house of representatives. The other chamber in Congress must now be approved by the Senate. "We must implement this legislation quickly – life on the Spiel", the democratic Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey said.

The law provides three billion dollars for the development of therapies and vaccines. 2.2 billion dollars are to be intended for preventive measures. $ 435 million intended for aid abroad. In the United States more than 100 infections with Sars-CoV-2 are so far confirmed. In particular, the Western state of Washington is concerned. The local health Ministry confirmed on Wednesday the tenth death as a result of the disease.

Because Coronavirus: All sports events in Italy without an audience

21.20: All sports events in Italy due to the spread of the Coronavirus for the time being, without an audience to take place. So that further contamination is to be avoided, said the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte on Wednesday evening in a video message to the country. According to the media, this applies to reports up to 3. April.

In Italy there are the most cases of the lung disease Covid-19. Around 3100 people were infected with the Virus, more than 100 have already died. Several soccer matches of the Serie A and the Cup were last been moved. It is possible that this will now be rescheduled.

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