Coronavirus symptoms: ‘I just wanted to crawl up into a ball’ UK man describes his warning

Coronavirus has now affected every part of one’s life and with the latest grim news of new cases of infection and death daily, it’s a stark reminder of how important one’s health is. NHS England gave the breakdown of COVID-19 cases by region of the 555 deaths reported yesterday in England. The breakdown included East of England with 40 deaths, London 174, Midlands 74, North East and Yorkshire 103, North West 47, South East 81 and South West 36. A British man gives his detailed account of how the virus affected him which left him feeling like “crawling up into a ball.”


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UK man Connor Reed, 25, caught COVID-19 whilst he was working in Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak.

Connor explained in detail how the virus affected him and offers a stark warning for others to be vigilant on their sickness or illness and to stay at home.

Connor said: “It was a case I’ve never experienced before and that’s what worried me the most.

“End of November I was feeling just a normal cold and the problem with this virus is it progresses in stages.

“So you have a cold and you get better. 

“You’ll get worse and then you get better and then you get worse again.

“I personally started with a cold. I got better from the cold and that’s when I got hit with the flu. 

“But I got better from the flu and that’s when I got hit with pneumonia.

“And the pneumonia stage which I have never experienced before, that’s when I went to the hospital and got it checked out. 

“I was feeling achy and I just wanted to crawl up into a ball. 

“I had ear problems and no sinus problems where it felt like a balloon was being blown up in my face. 

“From there that’s when the pneumonia stage hit in and that came very suddenly.


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“It was a case of going to bed and not being able to breath. It scared me because breathing is a necessity to life. 

“If you have the flu it feels like you are going to die but you’re really not. 

“But when your lungs get affected that’s where it scared me, I couldn’t take a full breath. 

“Especially how it progresses from just a common cold to that and people can just have a cold and go about their day business and start infecting other people. 

“This is why it’s very important that people in the UK if they have any symptoms, any disease or illness or problem that they should go and get it checked out first and try to stay home as much as possible.” 

Katrina Herren, chief clinical officer at Doctorlink, the leading symptom assessment provider to the NHS said: “Common symptoms are fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain, headache and sore throat. 

“But the world health organisation analysis has reported that 88 percent have a fever and 68 percent cough. 

“There are anecdotal reports of loss of smell and taste which is a symptom of some colds and flu too. Reports say that diarrhoea is fairly rare around five percent.”

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