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How can you protect yourself against dementia?

By avoiding the twelve specific risk factors, which occur in the course of life, would be, according to a recent study, up to 40 percent of cases of dementia completely preventing or at least verzögerbar.

Twenty-eight of the world’s leading dementia researchers have outlined in a recent report, the avoidable risk factors for dementia. The Report on this year’s Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC 2020) presented in the English journal “The Lancet” published.

Three new factors for dementia diseases

There are some factors, which have diseases have a significant impact on the risk for the development of dementia. Currently, these risk factors have been added to three new factors. It is excessive alcohol consumption, head injury in the middle of life and air pollution later in life. These factors were added to the list of already in the year 2017, the Commission identified nine risks.

These risk factors are already known for a long time

Already well-known modifiable risk factors for dementia included: Lack of education early in life, hearing loss in mid-life, hypertension, and obesity as well as Smoking, depression, social Isolation, lack of exercise and Diabetes in later life (65 years).

More than three times as many dementia cases in 2050?

Measures for the prevention of dementia should start in the best-case early and continue throughout life. It is never too early or too late to take appropriate counter-measures, report the researchers. According to the Report, a number that will triple by 2050 to more than triple worldwide are affected about 50 million people of dementia. In General, the probability of dementia seems to be also in women to be higher than it is in men.

Dementia rates in some countries declining

In some countries, the proportion of older people is decreased with dementia, in fact, what is likely to be due, at least in part to changes in the life style. This suggests that can be reduced to the forms of dementia through preventative measures.

How can dementia be prevented?

On the Basis of a thorough examination of the best evidence to preventable risk factors for dementia, including systematic literature, meta-analyses and individual studies were the researchers of the Commission tables the following conclusions.

Blood pressure and hearing play an important role

The researchers recommend to take various measures to protect against dementia. It is, for example, a systolic blood pressure of 130 mm Hg or less from the age of 40 years. In the case of hearing loss, hearing AIDS should be used, and the ears should be protected from high noise levels.

Other preventable risk factors for dementia

In addition, it should be reduced to smoke to protect against dementia, the personal exposure to air pollution and passive. They also protect your head from injury, particularly in high-risk occupations and some sports. Alcohol consumption should be limited to less than 21 units per week, where one unit equals 10 ml or 8 g pure alcohol, advise the researchers.

Smoking and education play an important role

If you smoke, you should necessarily give up Smoking. Children should be allowed a reasonable education and also sustain it is important to live an active life up to the middle and upscale age, in order to reduce the risk of Dementia. Also an important factor to protect against dementia, reduce the weight to avoid obesity and related diabetes disorders. (as)

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