Drugs – danger to dogs

Dogs under the influence of drugs, are Stars on Funseiten on the Internet. When the animals take drugs, this is for you but not at all funny, but a great danger. You can die from it.

Because of marijuana in the emergency clinic

Already small amounts of marijuana lead to the dogs to the animal clinic. You lose the sense of balance, are incontinent, you are twitching, you are shaking and vomiting.

Dogs like to eat a lot. This also applies if the cannabis biscuits are on the table, a heroin leave the addict to his stool under a Bush or a Dealer has thrown away his Grass on the run. This can have for the dogs, then dangerous consequences. (Photo: javier brosch/fotolia.com)

Potentially fatal

Depending on the dose and Severity of symptoms dogs can die from Cannabis. Dog owners who find it funny to give their Pets cannabis cookies, bring the dogs in danger of life. Sugar itself is for dogs already unsuitable, and in connection therewith, THC is for the animals to be particularly risky.

Why is Cannabis so dangerous for dogs?

For one, dogs eat uncontrollably and when you plunder a pot pie, then you take a massive dose of THC. Secondly, dogs have a much more Cannabinoid receptors than humans. The fabric is so much more intense.

As in the case of a poisoning

The dogs show symptoms of poisoning. They just lay around lifeless, stagger when you stand up and let the tongue hang out. Some owners, their dogs in the Park marijuana, ate, thought, the animal would have a stroke.

Big dogs, small dogs

84 Milli-grams of dried marijuana leaves per kilogram of weight apply in the case of dogs as toxic. The smaller the dog is, the less he veträgt.

More and more emergencies

In the United States has doubled the number of dogs that were due to Cannabis consumption in the emergency room, in the last few years. This is also due to the fact that in some States the use of cannabis is a criminal offence and the material is therefore more in reach of the dogs. Not all dogs showed serious symptoms due to a drug Overdose, many owners go from caution to a doctor, because you see that your dog has eaten a small piece of marijuana.


Not only is Cannabis a risk, but also of other drugs like Heroin and cocaine – especially through the feces of addicts who relieve themselves in public Parks. As Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain or Charlottenburg many cases are known in Berlin, where dogs came with severe poisoning in the veterinary clinic, after they had eaten drug-containing faeces. Park where drugs are dealt, are risk areas – the Görlitzer Park. But also in Hannover-Linden is a woman with her flat-coated Retriever to the doctor had to, took the legacies of a Dependent.

What are the symptoms?

The dogs have lawn circulatory problems, and heart, and often the vets do not need to put an Infusion, if an emetic will help. You are shaking, you will stagger and you are dehydrated.

Kotessen work off

Animal doctors advise, the dogs, the Kotessen work off, even if it smells for the animals, yet so seductive. This is, for example, by visiting a dog school. In focal points such as the “Görlitzer Park” is recommended even with a muzzle on.

Begging with sedated dogs

Hanover animal doctors have also suspected that some of the beggars in Hanover, dogs with a drug to put in a kind of anesthesia, so they remain quiet. Striking is, if the pupils are the dogs react too late, you can’t lift the head or are unable to move. Also the lack of reactions to external stimuli, such as street Railways were suspicious.

What can you do?

If you consume Cannabis, or your friends do this, make sure that the hashish and marijuana is out of the reach of dogs. This is particularly true in the case of hash cookies for a Party. If you go out of the room and your pet can’t resist the birthday cake, this is annoying – if it is a hash cake can go out for the dog to be fatal. Anyone who finds it, however, funny, his dog deliberately „high“ and the Video of the animal that suffers the consequences, to the Internet to – you should hold no animals. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)