Here’s What You Need To Know Before Using A Theragun

At-home wellness has witnessed a surge like never before throughout the pandemic. From at-home manicures to at-home massages, many of us have gotten used to learning new self-care skills to use in different ways. The Theragun promises to up-level your at-home massage practice with a handy machine that has quickly taken off as an Instagram-worthy trend.

Well+Good explains that Theragun’s intense repetition works through knots and areas of tension all with the push of a button. R. Alexandra Duma, DC, DACBSP, a sports chiropractor for Team USA explains, “The Theragun uses a hammering/thumping motion to release knots, decrease tightness, and help increase blood flow.”

“The percussion therapy device helps address muscle soreness in everyone from professional athletes to anyone doing Instagram workouts while staying at home,” she adds. “The tool can also be used for downregulation of your central nervous system, helping you feel relaxed and calm, as well as speed up muscle recovery time after a workout.”

A versatile addition to your recovery closet, the theragun works to soothe sore muscles while massaging out areas of tension and calming your mental state. The outlet notes that just ten minutes a day can provide much-needed relief after a long sweat sesh at the gym. Plus, according to Medical News Today, frequent use also helps increase range of motion.

The repetitions provide most of the benefits

The manufacturers of Theraguns also claim that the hand-held massage provides a deeper pressure than even professional massage or foam rolling, Medical News Today notes. By consistently applying a high level of pressure at a rapid pace, the tool promises to work out even the most dense of knots. Percussive therapy also doesn’t decrease your muscle power either, the outlet reports, so it’s safe to play your game of basketball or take a run shortly after. 

If you’re an athlete and are worried about lowering your ability to perform after getting a massage, Theragun does away with that issue entirely. Indeed, a small study found that using the device increased their range of motion without lessening muscle performance. You can use your Theragun just before your sweat session or just after to curb any soreness you might experience after a tough workout. By working with the tool once you’ve finished exercising, the movements help to reduce the amount of lactate dehydrogenase present within the muscles, which is generally responsible for soreness. While many of these studies only included a small sample size, it’s worth noting the benefits that users have noticed when aiming to recover from a workout.

Depending on the area of your body that needs the most love, you can start with your Theragun placed in that spot and create long strokes or circles for best results.

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