HIMSS21 Digital offers unique user experience

As an extension of the HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition this August, you can also get an enriching and unique online experience.

With the HIMSS21 Digital program, you’ll have the option to connect with healthcare information and technology experts and thought leaders from the world over via a digital environment.

The content of HIMSS21 Digital – more than 40 hours of it in total – is a unique augmentation of HIMSS21, not a duplication or livestream of onsite presentations.

Delivered on a flexible and intuitive web platform Aug. 9-12, the online program will feature an array of high-level keynotes, news briefings and other industry highlights, policy updates, impactful and outcomes-focused education sessions, and purposeful networking opportunities.

Special care has been taken to keep sponsorships limited and integrated, with the goal of encouraging a more organic interaction between attendees and sponsors.

With the plan to beam online-only updates from an anchor desk in Las Vegas, the goal of the HIMSS21 Digital component is to complement the live event with its own unique content while also channeling the energy of the show.

On-demand access will be available on the new HIMSS platform during the global conference and 45 days afterward.

The program is still being populated, but check back here and at HIMSS21 Digital in the weeks ahead for updates and announcements.

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