How to bring pumpkin flower into culinary usage

It is not just about using nature's wealth in as many ways possible, but also giving a delightful treat to the tastebuds.

Thanks to culinary advancements and initiatives from chefs across the globe, there are a variety of regional ingredients that have seen amazing transformations. It is not just about using nature’s wealth, but also about delightfully treating the tastebuds in the process. One such hidden gem is the pumpkin flower. The squash plant grows with an edible flower that has an orange and yellow hue.

Pumpkin flower consists of a rich amount of vitamin B9 that is essential for sperm creation. It is also blessed with Vitamin A that can aid in improving vision. It enables your eyes to adjust to light changes, keeps them moist, and also improves night vision. Also, the phosphorus found sufficiently in pumpkin flower is a vital part of the growth process and the maintenance of bones and teeth.

It’s a popular dish in Bihar, West Bengal and Kerala, wherein people savour as deep dried pakodas, stir fry veggies, etc.

* Mathapoo thoran is the stir fry of pumpkin flower which is popular in the south. It is generally plucked from the garden, since it is grown widely within the campus. It is mixed with grated coconut, turmeric powder, curry leaves, cumin seeds, and the like.

* In Bengal and Bihar, pumpkin flower is eaten in the form of crispy snacks, generally served with mint and coriander chutney. It is dipped in gram flour batter or besan and then deep-fried in mustard oil. It is a traditional fritter in both the states.

* In the west, Americans call it classic stuffed peppers. The flower is filled with a mix of beaten and whisked eggs, and bread crumbs, later baled for about 10 minutes till it has turned golden brown.

* In Mexico, they are known as Flores De Calabaza. Their delicate flavour works beautifully with mild, creamy cheese in quesadillas, making for a yummy snack.

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