How to live longer: Coffee may ‘lower risks for all-cause mortality’ – but how much?

Study finds being OUTDOORS helps you live longer

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A new study conducted by a group of Chinese researchers from Jinan University has found drinking between one and a half and three and a half cups of a coffee a day reduce the likelihood of premature death.

They discovered those who drank coffee within this window were a third less likely to die than those who drink no coffee at all.

Furthermore, they added this was regardless of whether the coffee was sweetened with sugar.

The study was conducted of analysis of data from 171,000 participants over seven years.

Data from the study was sourced from the UK Biobank, a common source for health studies.

Dr Dan Liu of the study said: “Moderate consumption of unsweetened and sugar-sweetened coffee was associated with a lower risk for death.”

Furthermore, the researchers added their study showed those who consumed hot drinks “[had] lower risks for all-cause mortality”.

Although substantial results, this isn’t the first-time coffee has been connected to improving health.

In the past coffee has been linked to reducing the risk of type two diabetes and reducing the likelihood of the onset of depression.

Moreover, there is a caveat to the study in question.

Since the study was observational, this meant it could not determine whether coffee was the main cause behind the reduced mortality rate.

The purpose of the study was not about establishing cause, but correlation.

Does that mean coffee doesn’t reduce mortality?

No; the study still suggests drinking coffee can reduce the risk of a premature death; enough studies have shown it can for this not to be an anomaly.

However, what it means is that the study is suggesting rather than concluding the health benefits of coffee.

Other studies on the health benefits of coffee have been inconclusive on the subject.

Coffee can also have health negatives.

Although it can improve overall health, coffee can also harm if consumed in too high a quantity.

This is because of the presence of caffeine, a drug which can be safely imbibed up to a limit of 400mg per day.

Taken in safe quantities caffeine can reduce cell damage and inflammation in the body.

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