‘I think it’d do more good than harm to legalise marijuana’– Leading CBD tester speaks out

“If you’re chopping and changing between ingestible CBD with topical CBD products, the effectiveness of the CBD oil will not be as reliable”

Simon Manthorpe

Of course, the big question is – ‘should marijuana be legalised?’

Simon, very carefully, answered: “As a business we don’t necessarily stand on a platform of advocacy for the legalisation, although personally I think it would do more good than harm to legalise marijuana in the UK.”

Then, we asked whether CBD’s advertised health benefits are real.

He replied: “Multiple studies have been conducted illustrating several health benefits.

“One noticeable effect of this is the reduction of inflammation, as well as the absence of pain. Therefore, it is becoming much more commonplace for people to use CBD oil as a method to relieve the pains of arthritis. 

“We’ve also seen increasing coverage of people who use the substance to help alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy and other conditions such as psoriasis.”

Then we asked if CBD has any side effects that users need to consider.

He replied: “Emerging research is showing how CBD can be used to combat the side effects of other prescribed medicines. 

“Potentially, with extra research, CBD could possibly be a more effective method of alleviating inflammatory symptoms of hay fever. The corticosteroids that are prescribed for hay fever related inflammation often causes insomnia for those taking the prescribed medicine. 

“However, we know through research that CBD is excellent at alleviating insomnia. Mixed with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, through greater research, we believe that CBD may be a more health friendly option for alleviating hay fever.

In its natural form, CBD grows in a plant that also produced THC. Do they work better together?

“There is mounting evidence that for some conditions, using THC and CBD together in specific ratios can have an enhanced effect.

“[There’s] evidence that THC and CBD produce an augmented effect when used in a 1:1 ratio. 

“This ratio has proven successful in treating the symptoms of muscle spasticity, chronic pain and urinary tract symptoms in multiple sclerosis. THC and CBD in combination have also proven successful at treating sleep disturbances, peripheral neuropathic pain, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer pain.”

And finally, on the question of whether Simon used CBD himself, when he’s not working: “I certainly do, which in part gave me the idea for the business model. 

“As a former smoker, I now use vaping machines as a quitting aid and full-time replacement for cigarettes. Without the tar and burning tobacco being injected into my body, I now feel so much healthier as a result.

“We have seen in the news all of these stories about how CBD can help alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy, arthritis and psoriasis just to name a few. 

“Along with the case studies, numerous academic papers have been published explaining how the properties of CBD oil help relieve the sufferers of these conditions. I’m hoping that with more time and exposure, CBD oil will be widely recognised as a significant medicinal aid.”

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