Internal clock: when you can the most eat without gaining weight – Video

Anyone who wants to lose weight, waived, especially like in the evening to meals. Here, scientists from the Harvard-Medical-School out that that the internal clock is running at full speed and the body a maximum of many calories we burn.

Not just when we exercise, our body burns calories , but also, if we do nothing. In the resting state, we consume energy, to breathe, to digest, or even ward off intruders.

How high is this basic energy of our body is, among other things depends on age and gender, but also of the time of day, as researchers Kirsi-Marja Zitting from the Harvard Medical School have found out.

Thus, our body consumes a lot of energy in the early evening. Then he will burn ten percent more calories than in the early hours of the morning, if he has a particularly low turnover.

The results surprised the researchers

The researchers observed seven subjects in a laboratory that had neither Windows nor clocks. Also phones and the Internet were for the participants were taboo. Therefore, they did not know how late it was. The times, went to where they sleep and got up, gave the team of researchers. Every day the sleep times have been moved four hours after the rear – and the three weeks. So, as the volunteers would travel every day four time zones to the West. So could not adjust their internal clock to the times of the Day and followed your own pace. This allowed the researchers, the metabolic rates measured at different biological times of the Day.

Kirsi-Marja Zitting from the Harvard Medical School says: “The fact that the same activity at a time of the day, burned so much more calories than any other time, has surprised us.”

The results show how important is the role of the internal clock is, when it comes to metabolic processes. They, too, could help explain why people with irregular eating and sleeping times are likely to increase over time.

The researchers published their work in the journal “Current Biology”.