Is like to Sleep in on the weekend from lack of sleep in the week?

We can catch up on sleep on the weekends?

Many people believe that they can compensate for lack of sleep, which has occurred in the course of the week, by a long Sleep in on the weekend. Doctors found, however, that the additional slept hours will not be able to do a weekend of lost sleep from a busy week of betting.

The scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder found in their current study that lack of sleep can not be compensated during the week, by people sleep on the weekends any longer. The experts published the results of their study in the English-language scientific journal “Current Biology”.

Who finds night, no sleep, and is overtired in the day. Many people sleep in the week, much too little, which means that you are at work tired and unfocused. (Africa Studio/

Effects of lack of sleep

Too little sleep is dangerous to the health. Experts recommend that we should get each night, if possible eight hours of sleep. If we regularly sleep less, we increase, for example, the risk of colds and flu to develop. In addition, the probability of being Overweight and developing type 2 Diabetes increases. In addition, lack of sleep, reduces the emotional well-being.

Sleep is not an effective health strategy is to catch up on

The results of the current study suggest that for many people-typical behavior, to sleep in of the week to little, and on weekends, lost sleep, is not an effective health strategy. If people slept five days in the week only five hours before they were able to sleep in for two days as long as you wanted it to, this led to only a slight recovery. When people ran on the weekend-exclusive, and have benefitted from the recovery, these effects were, however, immediately, as soon as they returned during the work week to their normal lack of sleep conditions.

Subjects were divided into three groups

The group of subjects with a lack of sleep during the week, was compared with a second group of Participants was instructed to sleep for nine days, every night for nine hours. In addition, there was a third group that slept only five hours per night and their food was monitored for uptake and exposure to Light continuously.

Men suffer more from the lack of sleep

The results showed that subjects in the groups with restricted sleep have the tendency to eat at night, resulting in these individuals, increases in weight and insulin sensitivity decreased. It had, in effect, not a positive effect on the metabolism, when people ran on the weekend. On average, the subjects to holten at the weekend, only about 66 minutes of sleep. Men suffered generally more lack of sleep, compared with women participating, according to the research team. (as)