Jack P Shepherd health: ‘I go blind!’ Coronation Street star’s painful condition

Jack P Shepherd, 31, who joined the cast of ITV’s Coronation Street in 2000, took to social media this year to give a fans an insight into his health. Engaging with his Twitter fans in February, he revealed the surprising fact he’s never had a cold. But the star did reveal instead of cold, he suffers with painful migraines. The health revelation came in response to a comment by one of his followers.

I suffer with migraines and throw up for 10 hours, and ultimately go blind! So I’m not superman

Jack P Shepherd

Replying to Jack’s comment about having never had a cold, a fan teased: “You must’ve been breast fed as a baby…or maybe you still are.”

Jack commented back: Wasn’t breast fed, had milk off the door step. I ate really well as a child, and that builds your immune system, also I played outside, climbed trees, played in mud…maybe that’s why?”

He then divulged: “I suffer with migraines and throw up for 10 hours, and ultimately go blind! So I’m not superman.”

What is a migraine?

A migraine is described as a moderate or severe headache felt as throbbing pain on one side of the head, by the NHS.

Many people experience similar symptoms to Jack’s, such as feeling sick, being sick, and having increased sensitivity to light or sound.

The health body goes not describe different types of migraine a person can suffer from.

Migraine with aura – where there are specific warning signs just before the migraine begins, such as seeing flashing lights

Migraine without aura – the most common type, where the migraine happens without the specific warning signs

Migraine aura without headache, also known as silent migraine – where an aura or other migraine symptoms are experienced, but a headache does not develop

How to treat a migraine

For people who suffer with migraines, it’s best to rest or lie down in a quiet or dark room.

If you can, try to get some sleep, advises Bupa.

The health organisation adds: “Applying pressure or a hot or cold compress to your head may help. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough fluids, particularly if you’re getting sick.

“If you know certain things trigger your migraines, try to avoid these as much as possible, as this may stop your migraine getting worse.

“Some people find yoga, stress management or relaxation techniques can help to make their migraine attacks more bearable and less frequent.”

The best medicine for migraine depends on symptoms. If you experience the symptoms of migraine, see your GP, who will then be able to advise on the best form of treatment.

Another Coronation Street star who’s been open about their health is Kym Marsh. 

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