Lady Gaga Just Revealed She Had ‘Almost Her Entire Body X-Rayed’ After Falling Off Stage

  • Lady Gaga posted an arm x-ray image to Instagram.
  • The singer says she had almost all of her body x-rayed, and she is okay.
  • Lady Gaga fell off the stage at her Enigma concert in Las Vegas last week.

After weeks of cryptic tweets and mixed messages, Lady Gaga just shared a very direct update with her fans. It’s not about her next album, but she assured fans that she is all-okay after a scary fall.

The singer says she had her entire body x-rayed. It may sound serious, but she shared the news with an x-ray photo of her hand with a 👌. She captioned the snap: “When they have to X-Ray almost your entire body…Just Dance. Gonna be ok👌”

ICYMI: Lady Gaga got off to a rough start with her Enigma residency in Las Vegas. Lady Gaga invited a fan onstage, jumped into his arms, and the two tumbled off stage. She appeared to be fine immediately after the incident, and hopped back onstage to continue her performance.

“Everything’s okay. Everything’s okay,” Gaga told the audience, right after the fall. “The only thing that’s not okay is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up!” Her fan was also fine.

It seems Lady Gaga added some x-rays to her usual post-show routine of ice baths to get everything checked out. Her relieved fans are happy to hear her positive updates. They filled the comments with lots of love and heart emojis. One wrote, “We’re glad you’re ok and that your sense of humor is still as strong as you are! 💪 Sending love to you! ❤️”

Another Little Monster added some good advice for the singer, “Don’t break please.”

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