Laura Henshaw Shares Her Tips On Keeping Fit In The Colder Months

We get it: trading a warm bed for frosty mornings and freezing winds is near impossible. It’s partly the reason why when summer rolls around, the footpaths are crammed with hobby joggers and serious exercisers, all looking to make this the year they achieve their fitness goals. But slowly the number wanes, and by winter, there’s only the most fervent fitness freak to be found outside. But while training in the colder months is a lot harder than when blue skies and warm temperatures practically lure you outdoors, it can be done – you simply need to be prepared for it. No one knows this better than fitness guru Laura Henshaw, who shares her tips about how to keep your exercise routine going all year round. 

In a recent interview with Body and Soul, Henshaw revealed how she keeps track of her exercise in winter to ensure she stays fit and healthy, but also positive (those endorphins exercise releases are no joke). First things first, Henshaw is a creature of habit and always ensures her workout clothes are laid out on the chair and ready the night before so that when the morning comes, it’s a do before you think attitude that gets her dressed and out the door.

Henshaw also suggests pre-planning your workout. She tells the publication, “If you’ve got a plan, you’re more likely to stick to it. When I’m half asleep, it’s difficult to choose which exercises to do, which is why I am so grateful for the Keep it Cleaner app. I don’t have to think, I just press play and get stuck in!”

An important distinction Henshaw makes in her life is booking in her workouts, ensuring that she makes time for them just as she would a work meeting or catch-up with friends. It means she doesn’t cancel or procrastinate, and can instead develop a routine for her workouts and other commitments too. 

A big tip Henshaw shares is writing out your why. “For me, I know that my mood often reflects the weather. With limited daylight and dreary days, I need my workouts to help me feel energised and boost my mood!”

She admits that motivation isn’t always high, so don’t wait for it to show up. “More often that  not my motivation arrives five minutes into the workout, once those endorphins start flowing! No one wakes up everyday and is excited to exercise, it’s all about developing a routine.”

But perhaps most importantly, Henshaw stresses that it’s important to be kind to yourself. “Don’t feel down if you aren’t as active in winter,” she tells the publication. “Try moving to suit your mood, if you’re feeling tired try a yoga class or go for a brisk walk around the block. On days I feel tired, but still feel up to something, I will do one of our KIC Yoga flows at home in my pyjamas. Once you get your body moving you’ll feel a lot better.”

As she says, “Remember to feel proud of yourself for taking the time to do something that has amazing benefits for both your body and mind!”


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