Millions of Germans hanging out in their spare time on the mobile phone – that has an impact on our sex life

It sounds like a paradox: The Germans would like to have more leisure time and, therefore, try to optimize your free time perfectly. At the same time, not many people use the time gained to relax. To even have an impact on the Sex.

The Germans have forgotten how to enjoy their leisure time and the main reason the Smartphone is: The representative study "REC Monitor 2019" out, published by the Foundation for future questions on Thursday. "Scientifically speaking this is a disaster. We want to deal with things, laze around, meet friends, ( … ), but we can’t do it, because we are afraid to miss something or make the wrong choices to treffen", Ulrich Reinhardt, scientific head of the representative investigation said. Leisure will always be Years more to stress time, of the 48.

Social media can help only to a limited, on the contrary, The perfect images of Others on Instagram and co. would be a lot of pressure. "They even fear that others have more fun." The result of the desire, from all only the Best get to be. "There is a Trend to the optimization that takes place throughout life. On the work, for the body and also in the leisure time." The Stress of leisure the stress of creating.

"Many are in their spare time is less and less able to do their activities also to genießen"

58 percent of the respondents indicated that in their leisure time too much. In particular, young people, young adults and Singles to jump from one activity to the next, want to be everywhere and, if possible, nothing to be missed, says the study. A conclusion of the "Leisure Monitors" therefore: "Many are in their spare time is less and less able to enjoy their activities."

The leisure stress can even have an impact on the love life of the people. Just about every second German citizens (52 percent), according to the "Leisure Monitor" at least once a month Sex. Five years ago, there were still 56 percent, said Reinhardt. One reason for this is the higher Smartphone usage is. "If the Partner is the whole time on the phone, this is not just a romantic mood that was being created."

Smartphone is the filler for the gap

The togetherness to go back with the increasing medialisation. The Smartphone has become an attractive recreational opportunity, which is always and everywhere possible. "In order for breaks to be filled in the leisure time. The Smartphone will be the gap filler. This is counter-productive for the time I would otherwise spend with my partner or my Partner."

Interestingly, parents should have the most Sex. Thus, 59 percent of parents in the age group of 25 – to 49-Year-old at least once a week to have Sex and 82 percent at least once in a month. Close behind follow, according to "Leisure Monitor" the couples without children (58 percent on a weekly basis, and 85 percent monthly). At least Sex Singles (27 percent according to the study, at least once a week to have Sex, 49 percent at least once in a month) and retired (65 years and more: 7 per cent at least once a week to have Sex, 23 percent on a monthly basis).

Pensioners are the most satisfied with their leisure

The best tips and Tricks for less leisure stress appear to be pensioners. They are, according to the study, most with their leisure time satisfied. This has not only to do something so that they are less addicted to Smartphones. "They are experienced and know what is good for tut", Reinhardt brings it to the point. You need to, and don’t want to be anywhere.

It is also the best tips and Tricks for a relaxing leisure could be the future scientists. "Less compare with others, enjoy the Moment, Single – instead of multi-tasking, less questioning, and especially digital Detoxing." So: the phone simply for a longer time put.

Thanks especially to the middle Generation, the 25 – to 49-Year-old, he also has hope of a better (Free-)time. "She realizes now that it’s nice to have a Hotel without Wi-Fi, to spend more time with the children, the family and easy-to-read and to relax." This Generation will have a longing for social time. "The family experience a Renaissance, but also the neighborhood."

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