More muscle, less fat: The perfect strategy for an athletic body

To Improve health, for burning fat or building muscle – there are many good reasons to complete regular training sessions.

Many people pursue several goals. A common desire: to reduce the percentage of body fat and muscle mass to build up, for an athletic body.

In order for this to succeed, you need to know just what to watch out for. Workout plan and diet have to be coordinated.

It depends on the combination

Simultaneously fat and build muscle, it requires the right strategy. Commonly referred to by the calorie intake is reduced.

A strong calorie deficit, however, can also fall quickly muscles to the victim. The body draws the necessary energy from muscle tissue instead of fat deposits.

Thus, the already existing muscle mass doesn’t suffer from the calorie deficit, but still greater, in addition to a healthy calorie deficit, two factors are indispensable: proteins and strength training.

The right calorie deficit

As a General rule: to lose weight, you must establish a calorie deficit. So it must be ingested fewer calories than the body consumes.

Who wants to build muscles, do not need to note that the deficit is too high.

This would make the exercise efforts be nullified, because the fat loss and muscle building would grind to a halt due to the shut-down of metabolism.

"Calories and protein, the muscles recover and build properly auf", the Director of nutrition of the Academy of nutrition and Diätik, Kristen F. Gradney explained to 'SELF'.

Listen to your body instead track

In order to provide the body with energy, would not need to be meticulously counted calories. A mindful diet with fresh and nutritious foods is often sufficient.

If you still want to Track, you should first determine your daily calorie needs. "Of this not more than 300 calories deducted werden&quot may;, Liz Applegate, Director of sports nutrition at the University of California explains.

More important than the number of Calories, however, it is to listen to your body and eat when you are hungry. In order to reduce body fat and build muscle is a strict calorie deficit so not absolutely necessary.

Sufficient proteins are essential

Much more important is the amount of protein that is absorbed is. Because the body is constantly building muscle proteins, and which are for the size and shape of the muscles responsible.

After the consumption of a protein-rich meal, the production of the muscle is accelerated proteins. Later, the muscle building slows again, and the degradation increases again.

"In the course of the months, the ratio of these two processes determines whether you gain muscle mass, lose, or whether you bleibt", the assistant Professor of kinesiology, Dr. Michaela Devries-Aboud explains.

In order to keep the body in a reduced calorie intake still in the muscle protein mode, it must be adapted to the protein intake towards the top. The higher protein requirement compensates for the calorie deficit of practically.

The increased intake of protein to cover not only the energy, but also ensures that the muscles remain intact, and even can be built.

Ideally, this recording is carried out at every meal, so that the body can use the Protein throughout the day. "Four times a day, 20 grams of protein should genügen", Applegate explains.

Quick protein intake after the workout

A strength training session on the program, should be about 30 minutes, but no later than two hours after the workout, a protein Serving of 20 to 25 grams of added.

Ideal component for this Lean protein such as poultry, oily fish, dairy products or eggs are:.

The protein-rich meal provides an even further advantage is that The protein saturates quickly and long lasting. This makes it easier to lose weight in addition.

According to the heart rate for a workout

Probably the most important component and at the same time muscles and reduce fat: strength training.

During the weightlifting, the muscle fibers are broken down and the surrounding cells are repaired or replaced as a result, the muscle becomes larger and the reason sales will increase, with each kilogram of muscle mass around 100 calories.

Who really wants to get the Maximum out of the Training, should also pay attention to the heart rate.

"The pulse should be between 60 and 85 percent of your maximum heart rate befinden&quot…, the exercise physiologist, Michelle white, Lovitt. "So you can make sure that fat is burned and not stored glycogen."

Training lay it out on the muscle groups

Perfect strength training is designed with three or four sessions per week, each with a different focus: for example, legs and buttocks, back and biceps and chest and triceps.

Ideal Exercises that claim as many muscle strands at the same time: squats, or cross, are classic examples of this are.

The advantage of such complex Exercises: The high cost of energy ensures that the heart rate is skyrocketing.

During the Workouts, this body should be exercises with isolated Exercises alternated, which are only focused on one Muscle group, so that the pulse can travel down again.

Properly performed, strength training can challenge the body similar to a Cardio-unit.

Don’t forget: It is a process

Important: no Matter how good a training plan and how healthy the food may be – both in the fat reduction as well as muscle building are lengthy processes, which do not occur in the Rest of the time.

In the building of muscle tissue the body requires Extra calories, lose weight, he draws energy from the body’s own fat reserves.

Therefore, it takes a few months or longer, until significant changes and the desired results are achieved.

Even if Training and nutrition are top, can slow down in some people, genetics or other factors such as Stress and hormones, the process.

Therefore, it is particularly important to pay more attention to the health and well-being than to be stuck on the mirror image and realistic goals that help you stay motivated in the thing.

Cornelia Bertram

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