My Health And Baby Canceled My Tour – Amy Schumer

Stand-up comedian, Amy Schumer has stepped out to give her fans some sweet yet sad news about canceling a tour she is currently on. The announcement was made in a lengthy post on her Insta social media account detailing as much info to those who were in high anticipation.   The feedback on the post shares different sentiments especially with the noted reasons being related to her pregnancy.    

Being in her third trimester, the actress told her fans she is suffering from a complication linking to hyperemesis and that her doctor had not given her the clearance to travel, at least for a few more weeks.   

Though she noted refunds would be available for all those who had already made their purchases, there was still an eminent disappointment…but really, we can’t blame her!   

Schumer highlights that though both she and the baby are healthy, she needs to take some rest to resolve her from constant nausea and vomiting she experiences every time she travels. Canceling the tour was never an easy option for her as she still wanted to push through in doing her shows.   

With a spirit of always giving her supporters what they wanted, she stated the decision had to be made to keep herself in good shape and in turn keep her baby healthy.    

In October, just eight months after marrying her husband Chris Fischer, Amy announced the good news on Instagram but through her friend’s account – unconventional but unique!   

The couple is expecting their first child and as such, she needs to ensure she does what is in the best interest for all to go well.    

The comedian is relaxed by the fact that her audience understands the situation and is constantly checking up on her. She appreciates and though keeping it a personal issue, she still gives indirect updates every now and then.    


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