Often, severe withdrawal symptoms following Discontinuation of antidepressants

Risks the Discontinuation of antidepressants

In the case of depression, patients often take so-called antidepressants. If these medicines are discontinued, can be severe and long-persistent withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, many patients know nothing about it. Therefore, experts call for guidelines for taking antidepressants to change.

Researchers from the Royal College of Psychiatrists stated that the official guidelines should be adjusted for the Discontinuation of antidepressants for the medical treatment of depression, because many patients suffer from after Stopping for a long time serious symptoms such as restlessness, sleep disturbances, and altered sensations.

When people suffer from depression, are the most commonly prescribed antidepressants, which symptoms upon Discontinuation and severe deprivation can lead. (Image: Kittiphan/fotolia.com)

How easy antidepressants can settle?

If people stopping antidepressants, frequently suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Most people should be able to finish according to the guidelines of the National Institute for Health Care Excellence (nice) on the use of antidepressants in just four weeks. Researchers from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, however, are of the opinion that the official guidelines to the entire range of patient experience reflect.

It is increasingly apparent that some patients suffering severe symptoms. The existing rules are now updated for the first Time in ten years. This will hopefully lead to more severe and longer at the end of side effects of these medicines continued to be taken into account. The focus must be placed, such as patients with problems in the Discontinuation of antidepressants can be supported

Antidepressants can save lives

From the experiences of patients and Doctors, it is apparent that some patients can suffer from the deposition of antidepressants in more severe symptoms that last much longer than previously in the guidelines has been specified. While antidepressants are an important, potentially life-saving treatment option for people with severe Depression, must be controlled by your application carefully. Further studies are required to quantify how many people have problems when Stopping antidepressants. Doctors must talk with their patients about the possible Benefits and harm, on a regular basis the progress in the treatment of review and an effective Management of the withdrawal symptoms take care of.

These changes should be made

The report published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists about antidepressants and depression contains a series of recommendations, among other things, that the NICE guidelines should be updated. Other recommendations included, for example, the introduction of a routine monitoring system to provide comprehensive data about when and why patients antidepressants have been prescribed. Doctors should be better in the tried-and-tested procedure for the prescribing and handling antidepressants trained. The programme of the NHS for talking therapies should be further developed so that it is always as a Supplement or Alternative to antidepressants available.

Guidelines to be adapted

“We know that NICE is currently working on its directives to update, and we want you to be more consistent with what we from some patients and General practitioners about the range of experiences with antidepressants, hear,” explains Wendy Burn, the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in a press release. “Antidepressants can be useful in the treatment of moderate-to-severe depression, particularly in combination with talking therapies are very effective. We want the guidelines to support your application in the best possible way,“ adds the expert. NICE has published in the past year, an updated draft of guidelines for the withdrawal of antidepressants, which is currently being consulted. (as)