Pollen count set to soar THIS week sparking misery for hay-fever sufferers

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Tropical warmth following wet weather will spur trees to fill the air with allergens weeks earlier than usual. Experts warn hay-fever sufferers to get tissues and sprays ready as eyes and noses start streaming this week. Airborne allergens expert Max Wiseberg said: “The main culprit is going to be tree pollen.

“The warm weather will help to bring out all the buds and the flowers on the trees, and this will create a lot of pollen.

“Pollen levels may rise over the next few days as more and more trees start to flower.”

Hay fever sufferers should be ready for an ‘onslaught of pollen’, he warned.

He added: “It’s important to be prepared for the forthcoming onslaught of pollen.

“One of the best ways to do this is to create your own hay fever first aid kit, following the rules carefully.

“We are expecting an imminent pollen apocalypse.”

Birch tree will be the main culprit filling the air with pollen early thanks to the mild weather.

The mild winter could also trigger grass and oak pollen to spring into irritant action sooner than usual according to government experts.

Yolanda Clewlow, the Met Office’s relationship manager for health and air quality services, said: “The birch pollen season is expected to start earlier than normal this year, with central and southern areas of the UK starting to feel its influence later this month.

“The relatively mild winter we saw also opens the possibility of an earlier-than-average oak pollen season – possibly mid-April – and also an earlier grass pollen season, although that will depend on the conditions for the rest of spring.”

It comes as spring leaps into action this week with temperatures through the end of March set to rocket.

Bookies are braced for this month to smash records with Ladbrokes offering 3/1 on the hottest March ever.

Spokesman Alex Apati said: “Brits are set to be treated to scorching March temperatures and the latest odds suggest this month could be a record-breaker as a result.”

Exacta weather forecaster James Madden said: “The rest of this month is likely to bring mild settled conditions with temperatures in the mid- to high-teens, or even higher in parts.”

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services added: “Temperatures will lift towards into the mid- to high-teens through this week.

“Somewhere could see 21C (70F).”

Mr Wiseberg, creator of HayMax allergy balms, said: “Natural products for hay fever include organic allergen barrier balms which work by trapping allergens before they enter the body through the nose and eyes.”

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