Rain, Snow

Cold feet and cold hands can have many different causes. Sometimes disease, even behind the complaints. Who suffers in the summer, constantly cold hands and feet, should be the Problem of a doctor to clarify.

Usually the reasons are but harmless. Especially in the Winter, the cold fault, cold hands and feet.

The temperatures, decrease the body supplied initially all of the important organs such as the brain, heart and all other organs, and keeps them warm. For this, he is beyond the hands and feet the heat.

The cold and wet as causes

Does the body, by constricting the blood vessels and thus the Transport of warm blood in the direction of the fingers and toes is reduced. The result is that the supply of blood in the narrowed blood vessels is poor, the hands and feet cool.

For this reason, one should wear in the cold Season, warm socks and gloves.

The same is true for wet hands and feet. Also in the case of wet skin, the body reacts to the constriction of blood vessels. For this reason, people who suffer from sweaty feet suffer, often in cold toes.

A further typical cause for inadequate blood flow to the toes with tight shoes or socks with a tight waistband. Here, too, you should make sure that the clothing is appropriate and fits comfortably, in order to avoid cold hands and feet.

Women are most often affected

Around eight out of ten women suffer from cold hands and feet. Men are significantly less likely to of it. This is because men have a larger Muscle mass, the body can generate heat.

In addition, women often have a lower body mass than men and therefore have a different ratio of body mass to surface. This in turn provides a larger heat loss in the case of women.

Tips to cold feet and hands

Warm socks are a good means to the Cooling of the feet to prevent. These should be comfortable and not too narrow frets. You should also be breathable so that the feet are sweating. The feet are wet but once, you should change your socks as soon as possible. It is also important to avoid tight shoes, and in cold temperatures, gloves are recommended, of course.

Against cold feet and hands, anything that stimulates the blood circulation and constricted blood vessels extended helps also. This includes increasing foot – and hand-baths (slow Heating include scratch from 33 to 40 degrees), followed by Drying. Also gentle massages (for example, creams with circulation-promoting properties) promote the blood circulation, as well as toe – and finger gymnastics. In the process, Wiggling and circling with the hands and feet help already.

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Cold hands and feet to prevent

To cold fingers and toes to prevent permanently, we recommend regular Hand and Fußgymnastik. For the feet efficiently picking up objects with the toes, for example, of pins is. Subsequently, the object is retained for as long as possible with the toes.

A further possibility for the prevention of a stimulation of the blood circulation, for example through regular use of the sauna or baths is. The interplay of heat and cold has a positive effect on blood circulation. And of course, regular exercise and sports enhances blood circulation and reduces cold hands and feet overall. In addition, it should always be a sufficient supply of fluid taken, so that the blood can circulate better.

To advise against is from alcohol, as this drains the body of water, and cigarettes, as containing the narrowed end of nicotine the blood vessels and good circulation prevents.

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