Rice milk produce

Table of contents

  • Rice milk make it better yourself
  • How to make rice milk yourself?
    • The Ingredients
    • The Preparation
    • Seven or not?

    Rice milk make it better yourself

    Rice milk is under the name of the rice drink to trade, since the term “milk” is protected by law, and only in the udder secretions. We call the drink nevertheless, rice milk, because this name is just more common.

    Rice milk is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and tastes good. However, the taste is very mixed and differs depending on the manufacturer, very strong. Some brands taste bland and watery, others are more milk-like and sweet. Here it is important to try that rice milk meets the personal taste on the best. To make his rice milk, however, you can regulate the consistency and taste and, of course, the ingredients.

    Just in terms of ingredients, the various brands also differ greatly. So there is rice drinks, which are mixed with sugar, flavours, and emulsifiers, all of which are ingredients that are not basically required, such as high quality rice drinks from the natural food trade show (e.g., by Natumi), which consist of nothing more than rice, water, a little Oil and a pinch of salt.

    Rice milk, however, is not in the refrigerated section, so it is a preserve because it has been heated to ultra-high. Those who prefer fresh food and own-produced food, should make his rice milk yourself, what are exceptionally simple:

    How to make rice milk yourself?

    You need to rice milk production, it is a good Mixer and if you like a very fine rice milk, you need a very fine sieve or even better a nut milk bag. Alternatively, a clean kitchen cloth can be used.

    The Ingredients

    The ingredients for the rice milk are quickly enumerated. You need nothing more than

    • Rice
    • Water
    • a pinch of salt
    • a Sweetener (e.g., pitted dates, agave syrup or rice syrup)
    • possibly vanilla

    The Preparation

    The rice is first washed thoroughly. Then it is cooked in soft water (to 100 g of rice 1.5 liters of water). The cooking water is then poured off, and what is not “is very important, so the rice milk is slimy”.

    Then the cooked rice with 1 litre of lukewarm(!) Water, the pinch of salt, vanilla, and a Sweetener – amount and type according to your personal preference – into a powerful blender and on the highest level mixed.

    The milk could be used, for example, for cereals or Shakes. Who wants to Drink a very fine milk, it can happen now (or after one hour of rest time) through a strainer, a nut milk bag, or a kitchen towel.

    Seven or not?

    The advantage of the ungesiebten rice milk is that all the nutrients and vital substances of the rice is preserved. You sift the milk, then, of course, also a part of the valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

    Rice milk made from brown rice or white rice?

    In the above recipe you can find in detail here, is made of rice milk made with white long grain rice. However, you can also use whole grain rice, which leads to a higher nutritional value. On the other hand, the rice milk from brown rice has a more intense flavour and sometimes a little “schleimigere” consistency, what is not everyone.

    If you want to try the whole wheat variation, you will find in our article on the topic of cereal milk is a suitable recipe (at the end).

    In the refrigerator, the homemade rice milk 3 to 4 days.

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