Sarah Wiener writes about almond milk and gets a Shitstorm of vegans

That Star chef Sarah Wiener with a Facebook Post would trigger a seemingly banal subject of a barrage of angry and insulting comments, she wouldn’t have thought likely. After all, she informed her Followers, “only” about almond milk.

The 56-Year-old did not want to explain in the post that industrially produced almond milk is as healthy as it by many is propagated. “Unfortunately, produced almond milk contains industrially only about two percent of the almonds, but the stabilizers and emulsifiers that allow water and fat to separate,” wrote Wiener.

But what should be a which show both good sense tip to a healthier and more conscious diet, was perceived by many vegans as a call to the consumption of ordinary cow’s milk, and thus of animal products in General.


Under the post countless comments, in which the Star-chef even personally hostile to gathered. A Facebook User wrote: “Even if the almond milk made from shredded Bathtub and white color would be, I would prefer you however, real milk.” Another wrote: “Every other Drink (milk substitute) is better secretions from animal Glands." Some accuse Vienna even, they would have lobbied for the meat industry.

In the next post Vienna’s shooting back

Only a few users defended Wieners Post. “A lot of it is exaggerated here by the Vegan group. It is, however, referred only to the fact that, for example, oat milk is even better in the LCA. Cow’s milk is also criticized,“ wrote a user.

The nasty comments left the 56-Year-old, however, don’t just sit up. In another post you took a position and made it clear: “My Intention to the Post-show was, what is industrial almond milk means.” Your own commitment to the environment-conscious diets, she explained with the words: “cooking for Yourself, as far as possible from a variety of regional and seasonal food, from organic farming: This is my ethical attitude." But Vienna is also against the consumption of “highly processed food”.

Then the Star chef, was even more direct and wrote: “anyone Who thinks that to have his perspective on the limited diet of insulting and screaming to impose, and thus still believes to save the world, didn’t understand the complexity of Ecosystems and communication.”