Simple lifestyle changes to reduce your blood sugar level naturally

Adopting these simple measures can make a lot of difference in dealing with this deadly lifestyle condition.

Diabetes is a complex condition with different causes, symptoms and treatments. However, the problem arises when people fail to understand the disease and make poor choices that lead to bad health outcomes. So let’s try and understand a little more about this lifestyle condition.

There are majorly two kinds of diabetes:

* Type 1: This kind of diabetes usually occurs at a very young age (children) and the person affected needs to take insulin from Day One of the diagnosis for the rest of their lives. It happens because of the destruction of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas by one’s immune system, the cause of which is poorly understood even today.

* Type 2: This kind commonly affects adults and is understood to be due to inadequate production of insulin. Hence many patients respond to diet, exercise and tablets resulting in good sugar control.

Adopt these simple lifestyle changes to reduce your blood sugar level naturally.

* Carbs can make or break your desire of a healthy body, especially if you are having fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. A check on the intake of carbohydrate is ideally recommended as carbs get converted into sugar in the body.

* We all know greens are good, but how much do do you need to consume? A bowl full of freshly cut fibrous food can help manage type 1 diabetes by reduce blood sugar levels.

* Drinking at least three litres of water will not just keep you hydrated but also help to flush out the excess sugar from the kidney through urine. It also helps with untimely hunger pangs and makes you feel fuller.

* Walking and yoga are some of the most recommended workouts for diabetic patients. Walking at a moderate speed for 45 to 60 mins will help.

* Holistic wellness of body and mind is also crucial for diabetic patients. Regular sleep, less stressful environment, healthy food, proper exercise and peace of mind can make a lot of difference in dealing with this deadly lifestyle disease.

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