Slowly, but effectively: According to this method, Meghan train Markle and Rihanna

A lot of movement is the key to better Fitness. However, the ide must also be fast? Or it comes too slowly to the dream-Body?

The answer Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, Rihanna or Jennifer Aniston probably Yes, because they are all in top shape: Even pregnant made Duchess Meghan is still the impression that you could record your Workout at any time.

The secret of the hardened celebrity-body: Time Under Tension (dt. Time under tension), the short DOES.

The method promises stronger muscles without risk of injury — slowly yet effectively.

Less weight, more control

The principle of compressed-sports sessions for people with little time is actually not new, and especially popular with those who swear by building muscle through strength training.

Sebastien Lagree, a former Bodybuilder, has for his Lagree Fitness method inspired.

In focus: DOES a method to strengthen muscles and reduce fat. It performs each movement as slowly as possible, to activate the deep muscles optimally and hook.

In this way, you can save the increase with more and heavier Weights, believe Lagree: “The Workout is intensified by the fact that the lifting movement under better control and less momentum is required.”

In the rest of the force

Lagree recommends lifting a weight of about eight to ten seconds. As long you should spend it to sell again. Anyone who remains in a Position, should do this for about a Minute.

Hectic movements should be avoided.

“Sweeping movements pose a greater risk to be injured.” Who moves slowly, needs to lift heavy Weights.

“The body responds better because it appeals to more muscle fibers. Fast movements are primarily directed at the fibers that are moving quickly and for the building of thicker muscle packages are responsible.”

DOING alone won’t do it

However, not everyone is convinced that TUT is the panacea for a hardened body without risk of injury. Sports scientist Rick Howard criticized this bold claim to ‘Men’s Health’ — scientifically, this alleged advantage is sets topic.

Biomechanics Luke Worthington is convinced that DOING alone is not enough to train the body on all sides and recommends a combination with a movement-intensive, jerky Exercises, to muscles:

“A series of slow stress without appropriate counter-weight will build the muscles just fatigue, but not strength.”

As so often, it is also in the mix.

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