South Korean Doctor Performed an Abortion on the Wrong Woman

A doctor and nurse in South Korea are under investigation for performing an abortion on the wrong patient.

The pregnant woman who accidentally received the abortion had a six-week-old fetus when she went to a clinic last month in Gangeseo, located in Seoul, South Korea, the district’s police told CNN.

South Korean outlet Yonhap reported that the patient was supposed to receive a nutritional shot at the clinic. However, the nurse never confirmed her identity and instead injected her with anesthesia, after which the doctor performed the abortion.

The patient had been unaware of the procedure, Yonhap reported.

The police investigation was launched Monday into the doctor and nurse in charge, and the case will be sent to the prosecutor’s office, Gangeseo police told CNN.

“The doctor and nurse have acknowledged their fault,” a police official told the outlet. “They are now being accused of negligence resulting in bodily harm.”

According to The New York Times, South Korea’s Constitutional Court moved to legalize abortion in April, calling for an amendment to the current abortion law. The 66-year-old law says that abortion is a crime punishable by up to two years in prison. The court gave Parliament until the end of 2020 to revise the law.


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