Steve Thompson health: Rugby star on first signs of early-onset dementia – ‘I broke down’

Steve Thompson recalls signs of his early-onset dementia

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Looking at the picture of himself, winning the 2003 Rugby World Cup, he said: “I just don’t associate it with me at all, I know it looks like me… there’s no recollection of that whatsoever.” The Rugby star struggled to remember this huge moment in his career when sat in the BBC studio. “There’s sort of no emotional tie to it either,” he added.

The World Cup winner first noticed the changes in his memory during lockdown when he decided to re-watch the 2003 Rugby World Cup, which took place in Australia.

Speaking on BBC’s Breakfast, he said: “I was sharing a house with a guy that I was working with and he said ‘you must remember this’.

“And I was ‘I can’t even remember being there’.”

This wasn’t the only occasion people would point out memorable moments in matches during his career, urging him to remember.

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