The 30-day program for a healthy colon

Table of contents

  • In 30 days to a healthy gut
  • What is a colon cleanse?
  • The 30-day program for colon cleansing
    • 1. The right preparation for bowel cleansing
    • 2. Any colon cleansing in the individual rhythm.
    • 3. The Accompanying Measures
    • 4. The supply of Vital substances to optimize

    In 30 days to a healthy gut

    A colon cleanse should work, but still manageable, so not too complicated. We present here an effective and holistic colon cleansing program, that will have in 30 days, a significant impact on your well-being.

    In the center of the gut, the center of our body, of course. His health will decide how it goes to the respective people.

    The modern way of life with a lot of Stress, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet, unfortunately, only too often, to the health of your colon. The Result:

    The intestinal flora is disturbed, the intestinal mucosa is inflamed skin and often are already permeable. The latter is the case, substances can enter through the “holey” intestinal mucosa into the blood circulation, which actually should be with the chair. We speak from Leaky gut syndrome. As a result, it can lead to allergies and auto-immune processes.

    But alone, a disturbed intestinal flora can have numerous health consequences, from bloating to depression to Obesity or weakened immunity with frequent infections.

    A colon cleansing is a very good preventive measure to protect the intestinal and overall health. You may need up to twice per year and rarely lasts longer than 30 days!

    What is a colon cleanse?

    Earlier, enemas or large intestinal washes were considered as the only method of colon cleansing. In the meantime, with the name of “colon cleansing”, more preparations for Oral use. The qualities are very different, and often, it is not strange, if such a product shows its low quality, no effect. 

    A really effective colon cleansing should not consist of various components, which are, moreover, not alone to swallow any capsules. An effective colon cleaning should be performed with Care and appreciation for your own body.

    Therefore, part of our 30-day colon cleansing program in addition to various measures, the Swallow far beyond the capsule, and for the most part, free of charge. The goal is not to be able to 30 days the program will stop and go back to the old habits. The goal should rather be to live more consciously, and some of the new habits from the colon cleansing program with in everyday life – so that ultimately, the actual colon cleaning are becoming increasingly rare.

    Scientific evidence for the usefulness of a colon cleaning you can find in the previous Link.

    The 30-day program for colon cleansing

    With our 30 day program for colon cleansing, you first select a corresponding product. Depending on how you ate before, how your health is and whether you did a colon cleansing, you can either select a simple product or a more extensive treatment.

    1. The right preparation for bowel cleansing

    Usually a Darmkur preparation consists of:

    • Mineral clay (bentonite or zeolite) that absorbs in the digestive system substances and metabolic waste toxin products, which are then excreted velvet of the earth with the chair;
    • Psyllium seed shell powder, the mucilage provides, the intestinal mucous membrane, soothes and mechanically cleans;
    • Probiotic bacteria strains (probiotics) that contribute to the development of a healthy intestinal flora.

    Important! Make sure it has a high fluid intake (water and herbal tea), since both the mineral soil, as well as the psyllium seed shell powder to the water in the eyes, and only with sufficient fluid, the accumulated slag can be comprehensively rejected.

    In addition to the liquid that you are taking the bowel cleansing preparation, you should drink at least 1.5 litres over the course of the day.

    2. Any colon cleansing in the individual rhythm.

    Each of the above preparations a guide. These instructions are intended for guidance only and is intended to prevent take too much of the respective components. However, you can choose at any time smaller dosages.

    We even recommend to start consciously with smaller doses than recommended. Observe your body and its reactions to the bowel cleansing preparations. Increase the dosage slowly, as you are well, but of course never over the manufacturer’s recommended dose.

    Should be set the inconvenience, you can reduce the dose and remain at that dosage, which caused no complaints.

    With complaints of temporary discomfort, flatulence, bloating, etc. meant to be. Complaints that point to a detoxification happening in the body, such as blemishes, itching, or headache skin usually disappear in the course of the cleaning process alone.

    3. The Accompanying Measures

    At least as important as the preparation for the colon cleansing the accompanying measures. They are all – up for a sports course – completely free of charge will be underestimated for this reason, often. In this case, these measures are extremely effective:

    • You eat a plant-based, and base excess, and appropriate recipes you can find on our website in the recipes section on our cooking channel on Youtube or in one of our cookbooks (The turmeric cookbook and the cookbook base cooking in excess*).
    • Leave out alcohol and sugar, all foods that contain any Form of industrial sugar.
    • You eat a lot of fruit, salads, vegetables and homemade Smoothies, complement your meals with small amounts of whole grains, pseudo grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
    • You eat only vegetable soup or a small and light meal.
    • You only eat when you are hungry.
    • Do not drink anything other than water and herbal tea – no soft drinks and no juices.
    • You drink, nothing to eat, but 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after.
    • Take the time to eat, you eat so stressed slowly and chew carefully. Alone, this measure can improve – no matter WHAT you eat – your state of health significantly. In a study from June of 2018, revealed that slow eaters have overweight, the Metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, and high cholesterol) and, therefore, lower cardiovascular disease risk are protected (by.
    • Prepare simple meals (no time-consuming menus, which consist of tens of different ingredients, and therefore, the bowel often straining).
    • To listen you to be aware of with eating before you feel full.
    • You eat late in the evening, just a vegetable soup or a light meal.
    • You eat in a way that suits your personal needs, you can find your very own Essrhythmus. Try what Essweise is for you personally the best. You test, for example, the interval can be fast (a few large meals with big intervals in-between), or more frequent small meals.
    • Check whether you need Breakfast in the morning. Many people feel better, if you do not eat Breakfast. You forget to flat-rate pearls of wisdom such as “eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a king,…”. These are by no means for everyone!
    • You go to sleep at fixed times and are also at fixed times. A healthy sleep-Wake cycle influenced enormously your health!
    • You move in! So often it goes! You will find a Sport that fascinates you and you love! Whether it’s Dancing, Swimming, Hiking, walking, gym, strength training, Jogging, walking, or whatever.
    • You think of daily moments of relaxation. Without a good stress management, each health falls program like a house of cards.

    So strange to you initially, some of these points appear like, practice it consistently for 30 days. You will notice after the end of this month, amazed that the one or other new behavior is already changed into flesh and blood and you don’t want to miss in your everyday life.

    4. The supply of Vital substances to optimize

    Contrary to the opinion of many Doctors, companies and the media vital substance deficiencies are widespread reports, even today, far. Often, you can’t believe it myself, how much energy and joy of life, one suddenly feels, “only” because it has fixed a longer-existing vitamin deficiency.

    We therefore advise you to leave just when chronic conditions are present, check whether vital substance deficiencies (vitamins D, B12 (and all B-complex), K, Magnesium, zinc, Omega 3, etc.).

    Detailed instructions for colon cleansing, you can find here: The guide to colon cleansing

    Note: If you already suffer from chronic diseases and/or the need to take medication, talk to your doctor or medical practitioner, whether for a colon cleansing. If so, you should make sure that the preparations in a multi-hour gap between your medications.

    The accompanying measures are usually without a doctor’s approval – and just in case of illness, is extremely salutary.

    *With the purchase of our cookbooks, you support our work so that we can offer you in the future free health information! Thank You!

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