The bath and do it yourself – how to

Bath additive do-it-yourself: Whether it’s after a hard day in the office, or in the case of colds: A hot bath can work wonders, especially if you use the right Bath additive. In the process, they are not entirely dependent on the expensive products from the shop: FOCUS Online explains how you can mix your bath products.

A walk in the Winter, an unexpected cloudburst, the rest after the Workout or the end of a busy day: Good reasons to enjoy a hot bath, there are many. For the actual pleasure of the bath products in the tub. Indulge your senses with scents and colors that flatter your skin and relaxing or invigorating effect.

If you make your Bath yourself, you know exactly what ingredients are in it – a big advantage for Allergy sufferers. And you will have the opportunity to combine their favorite scents. In addition, a self-made Bath is also excellent as a gift for a dear friend or the mother-in-law.

Bath additive do-it-yourself Oil-based

A way to make your Bath yourself, is the use of carrier Oils. This pressed plant and nut oils come into question cold, for example, sunflower oil, olive oil, safflower oil, almond oil or jojoba oil.

You opt for a carrier oil, and add according to the desired effect essential Oils. Should the mixing ratio always be so, that a tablespoon of carrier oil, five drops of essential Oil.

Since essential Oils are quickly available, you should mix your Bath until just before the bathroom, and then directly into the running bath water.

Relaxing bath mix yourself

For a relaxing bath, you use two tablespoons of carrier oil. Add five drops of lavender oil and Melissa oil to it and mix well.

Both oils are used to help stress relieve and also sleep-inducing, if you go to the bath, straight to bed.