The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets for Those Hot Summer Nights

It’s officially the time of the year when feeling snug as a bug in a rug is not necessarily the goal. Yes, feeling the weight of blankets on top of you may help calm you enough to drift off to sleep (research has shown that gentle pressure, the equivalent of swaddling a baby, can reduce anxiety for people who struggle with it). But in the summer you basically want to have your lightest pajamas on and most breathable sheets on the bed for a sweat-free night.

How do you combine the two? A cooling weighted blanket, obviously. We found blankets that range from 10 to 30 pounds so you can pick based on your comfort level, body size, and mattress size. (Generally, the recommendation is to buy a weighted blanket that’s about 10 percent of your body weight, according to the Cleveland Clinic, but you can always go lighter if that’s your preference.)

This collection of cooling weighted blankets varies in size, price point, and fabric — some are made of recycled materials, others are a knit, and others are designed to take the place of a comforter on your bed in the warmer months. If you’re a hot sleeper year-round, you may want to splurge on one of the king blankets so you can have it on your bed all the time. Regardless of your preferred sleep style, all of the below cooling weighted blankets are meant to help you chill out and lull you off to sleep.

Dornroscn Cooling Weighted Blanket

In six colors and eight different sizes, you can definitely find a Dornroscn weighted blanket that works for either your bed or your kids’ rooms. The weight also ranges from 10 to 30 pounds. And best of all, the bamboo fiber will keep you cool: It’s naturally moisture-wicking and breathable to keep the whole family cool.

Dream Theory Polar Air Cooling Weighted Throw Blanket 

Is your bedroom decor primarily cool colors? This 50 x 60 inch Dream Theory cooling throw comes in two shades of blue and gray to complement your bedding. Filled with tiny glass microbeads, the blanket is light, but still has 10 pounds of weight to make you feel like you’re being held in a hug each night.

Bearaby Tree Napper

This Bearably Tree Napper blanket is so cute, you may want to keep it out on display on your couch when you’re not sleeping under it. The soft material is made from TENCEL Lyocell fabric, derived from eucalyptus fiber. Not only is it biodegradable and eco-friendly, but it wicks away sweat too. Choose from five earthy colors (or pick out one for each bedroom!).

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Luna Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket with covers

Depending on where you live, some summer evenings might be cooler and rainy. In that case, this Luna Classic Cooling Weighted Blanket should be your go-to blanket, because it has a polyester cooling cover and then a second fleece cover you can put on the blanket if it’s especially chilly. It comes in twin, full, or queen to fit on top of your bed. The polyester fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, and can be machine washed too.

Baloo Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket newbie? Go with this 12 pound Baloo Weighted Blanket as a starter. You can always work your way up to the 25 pound king-size blanket, depending on the size of your bed. The cooling, light cotton is not made with any synthetic chemicals and the whole quilt can be machine washed together so you don’t get the fabric all bunched up when you want to cozy up for the night.

Sedona House Cooling Weighted Blanket

Night sweats are no match for the Sedona House Cooling Weighted Blanket. If you’re an ultra-hot sleeper but feel anxiety before bed, it might be the right fit for you. The 12-pound super thin polyester throw comes in blue or gray, and has glowing reviews from Amazon customers who “slept like a rock.”

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