The Sculpt Society’s Megan Roup Shares What She Eats In A Day

If you’re in the minority and haven’t heard of Megan Roup, her face will be familiar. At a time where the global pandemic has forced most gyms to close their doors and for home living rooms to be converted into personal workout stations, Roup’s dance-based fitness classes have become a global phenomenon. Roup has always been at the pinnacle of the health and fitness industry, but now she’s become something of a global sensation, with her energetic workouts filling the Instagram feed and motivating thousands to get up and get active. 

There’s an enthusiasm and zest for life that seems to radiate off Roup, even behind a phone screen. It’s this you experience in the powerful sculpting workouts she created for The Sculpt Society, her own fitness program that combines these workouts with dance-based cardio. 

While it’s easy to look at Roup now and see someone who is basically the embodiment of wellness, that hasn’t always been the case. In a recent interview with Women’s Health US, Roup opened up about her health journey and revealed that she hadn’t always had such a positive relationship with food. “My food philosophy has definitely grown over the years. I think in my early twenties I was really into diet culture and unfortunately trying every fad diet out there.”

What transpired was an end to putting up boundaries around certain food groups, and instead mending her relationship with food and the right mix of eating for nourishment and enjoyment. “I’m really into intuitive eating,” says Roup. “I don’t believe there should be rules around food. I really lean into eating real food that isn’t processed, and just kind of honour my hunger cues.”

In doing so, Roup honours the cues her body gives her and focuses on the energy she’ll get from the food she’s eating. She focuses on whole foods, but admits she’ll give in to the occasional snack of Doritos or confetti cake. “If I’m craving confetti cake, of course I’m absolutely going to have it. Does it make me feel great afterwards? No, and I think that’s what I love so much about intuitive eating,” Roup tells Women’s Health. 

She stresses that trainer’s don’t eat perfectly “clean” all the time, despite public perception of them. “I live in a non-restrictive way,” she says. “Sometimes I think people think of trainers or people in the health and wellness field as being 100 per cent perfect all the time, and I’m certainly not.”

Here, Roup shares her full day of eating, detailing how she incorporates intuitive eating to ensure she is giving her body the nourishment it needs, while still enjoying every meal. 


Roup starts her day with lemon water and coffee with almond milk. She looks to have fruit first thing, like an apple or sumo orange. This is enough to fuel her morning workout. 

Post-workout, Roup eats a second breakfast that likely consists of avocado toast with Ezekiel bread, Kite Hill cream cheese and avocado. If not toast, she’ll have a protein smoothie packed with almond milk, fruit, chia seeds, plant-based protein and frozen spinach. 



For lunch, Roup enjoys what she calls a “garbage salad.” This consists of lots of greens, before then throwing in anything she has in the fridge into the bowl, like a spring mix, some goat cheese, feta and cucumbers, and perhaps scrambled eggs to top it off.


In terms of dinner, Roup says: “Lately I’ve been on a Sakara kick because I’m seven and a half months pregnant ad I’m just feeling really lazy in the kitchen and want to get something healthy that is delicious.” This time, if she cooks, it’s something like organic ground beef tacos with almonds flour tortillas, cheddar cheese, and guac to top it off. 



As for snacks, Roup is a woman after our own heart: she’s a chip fan. Her favourite options include Real Food From The Ground Up’s caulks, Beanfields chips, and Siete Foods tortilla chips. Apart from that, she sticks to a good veggie and hummus combo.


“I definitely have a sweet tooth right now being pregnant, so I will indulge,” she says. “Did I have a bowl of ice cream last night? Maybe I had two.” Roup and her husband are also major cookie fans. 



Megan sips on water all throughout the day, but during meal times she loves to treat herself to some sparkling water or Poppi, which is a sparkling prebiotic soda. 



As for supplements, Roup takes Ritual multivitamins, Seed pre and probiotics, and when she wasn’t pregnant she also took Highline Wellness CBD.

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