This Cult-Fave Sex Chair Has an Amazon Alternative For a Fraction of the Price

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I’m never one to discourage calculated and strategic spending on your sex life. As someone who professionally recommends sex toys and accessories to my beloved readers on the reg, I’ve made a point that, despite being repulsed by spending money on things, your pleasure is a worthy investment.

That said, I stay cheap. And some splurge-y items can pass my personal splurge threshold. And in the sex toy and accessory space, it’s sex furniture that tends to come with the most sticker shock. So when I spotted a reasonably-priced and high-quality alternative to the beloved Liberator Esse Chaise, I knew I had to clue folks in.

(Though, I want to be clear, I do think Liberator furniture are absolutely worth the spend, if you’re serious about the quality and longevity of the pieces you bring into your home, bedroom and/or dungeon. They are beloved by folks for a reason and their models with built-in bondage gear are *chef’s kiss*)

Chaise lounges of this kind of shape are hardly new in the realm of sex. They offer a non-bed alternative that allows for all manner of oral, penetrative or toy-play positions — with ample opportunities for supportive back arching, hip lifting, standing, bending, etc. — and come with the added bonus of not requiring you to strip your bed or have someone sleep in the wet spot for the night (score!) while still being super easy to clean.

If you happen to be a couple with a height or size difference or difference in mobility or comfort-level that makes some positions less easy to achieve on a bed, you might find that you’ll feel more supported by the shape of this chair. For partners who are into being penetrated but not-so-hot on being on top, you might find that being able to straddle your partner and keep both feet planted on the floor optimizes pleasure for you both in some super exciting ways.

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While other chairs of this nature clock in anywhere between $500 and $1000, the Avana Sleek Chaise Lounge
is just $319. It comes in a range of colors that are nude-ish to blend in with your home decor or brighter to really stand out and also has a zip-on cover that you can take off and wash in your machine.

And yes, it’s also good for yoga, video games or just stretching and lounging about in a non-sexual way.

If you’ve been on the fence about giving one of these a try, this lower priced option might be the thing you needed to finally pull trig and bring some beautiful new sensual fun into your home. Or, when in doubt, put it on your list for the holidays or your next anniversary.

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