This Is What Happened to This Guy's Body After Eating Nearly 8,000 Calories

Straight off his recreation of climbing Mount Everest at home, YouTuber Will Tennyson decided to eat whatever he wanted for one day to support local businesses in his hometown.

First, he steps on the scale to see what he weighs before the feast. After his 174.8 pound weigh in, Tennyson picks up a dozen doughnuts from one of his favorite bakeries. He eats about half of the box before deciding it’s time to go “halfsies” on the rest. Tennyson stops before he finishes the dozen—consuming about eight doughnuts—in an attempt at moderation.

“Stopping when you’re full is still kind of a foreign concept to me. I’m more of a stop when you feel sick kind of guy,” he says.

Tennyson estimates he consumed about 2,960 calories from donuts but says this is just a guess.

He picks up a ginormous slice of pizza, which is really the size of a large pie, for lunch. Tennyson nearly finishes the entire pizza, which he guesses is about 3,400 calories, then heads outside for a walk. He aims to walk 20,000 steps on “cheat meal” days.

Tennyson eats a cuban sandwich and fries for his last meal, which brings up him to 7,410 calories. He finishes the night with a black coffee and churro, bringing his estimated calorie total to 7,690.

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The next day, Tennyson weighs 183.4 pounds—almost a nine-pound gain. However, he’s not worried about his weight goals, since there’s no way he gained nine pounds of fat overnight. The increase on the scale can be attributed to water retention from the carbs and sodium he consumed.

“It’s in the past. You can’t change the past. Don’t stress about it,” he says.

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