UK woman suffers facial burns after eggs 'exploded' in her face: 'It felt like my skin was being ripped off'

New study links eggs to increased cholesterol and a risk of heart disease

Researchers at Northwestern University analyzed 30,000 U.S. adults over three decades and found that eating just three to four eggs per week was tied to increased cholesterol and a 6 percent higher risk of heart disease.

A woman in the United Kingdom claims she suffered severe facial burns after eggs she cooked in the microwave exploded in her face.

Bethany Rosser, 22, of Worcheshire, told the UK-based outlet SWNS she Googled instructions on how to make hard-boiled eggs in the microwave without causing them to explode. She claims she came across an article from Delish, a popular recipe site.

"On that page, it said that you could microwave the eggs as long as you add salt to the eggs in the water, to prevent them from bursting. So, of course, I added salt,” she said.


Rosser said she cooked the eggs for six minutes — two minutes less than the maximum time Delish allegedly recommended in its recipe — before removing them from the microwave. When she took them out, she claims the shelled eggs “burst all of a sudden.”

"I’m not sure if I will be able to see out of that eye when the swelling goes down." (SWNS)

The 22-year-old, who said she “could see [her] skin peeling off," quickly called emergency medical officials and splashed cool water on her face.

After the ambulance arrived, paramedics covered Rosser’s face with wet bandages. Her eye was so swollen from the explosion that doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, where she was treated, were unable to tell if she will have permanent damage.

“I was in total agony. I could feel my skin burning for hours afterward — even while it was being treated in [the] hospital,” she recalled. "It felt like my skin was being ripped off, it was so scary.”

A photo of Rosser before the incident. (SWNS)

“I'm not sure if I will be able to see out of that eye when the swelling goes down,” she added. “Now I risk scars and potentially damaged vision —  over eggs.”

Rosser will likely have “long-term skin discoloration” as a result of the explosion, she told SWNS.

Delish appears to have removed the recipe Rosser reportedly came across. A spokesperson for the food-centric site did not immediately return Fox News’s request for comment Thursday.

The UK woman claims she was hospitalized following the incident. (SWNS)


On its website, the American Egg Board warns against microwaving eggs in shells, noting that they’re “likely to explode.”

“Microwaves heat so quickly that steam builds up faster than an egg can ‘exhale’ it through its pores," it states, "and the steam bursts through the shell. For the same reason, when microwaving, always prick the yolk of an unbeaten egg with the tip of a knife or a wooden pick. The vent you create allows the steam to escape safely."

Meanwhile, Rosser vowed: "I will never boil eggs in the microwave again, and I hope nobody else will either."

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