Watch Strongman Brian Show Spend $200 in the Grocery Store for His New Diet

After finishing seventh in the Arnold Strongman Europe contest earlier this month, the four-time World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, has decided to change up his diet.

Shaw took Men’s Health through his pre-contest daily diet in an interview last month, which included close to 10,000 calories and a ridiculous amount of rib-eye. But now all that’s changed: No more rib-eye for the big man.

“This is something I’ve been struggling with for quite some time,” says Shaw in a recent video he uploaded to his YouTube page. Shaw admits he’s recently felt flat going into competitions and that he hasn’t been “ready to compete.” While the strongman says his old diet has helped with his new, slimmer body composition, it’s also hurt his performance during competition. And now he’s switching things up.

“I need to go back to what I was doing when I was having a lot more success,” says Shaw. That means reuniting with Nathan Payton, the nutritionist who Shaw first began working with in 2011 at the start of a three World’s Strongest Man winning streak.

“So what we are doing right now is we’re going shopping,” he says. For most people, that’s a simple errand. For one of the strongest men in the world looking to reignite his competitive spark, it’s a mission.

Shaw says he wants to add more fruit to his diet, in the form of apples, oranges, blackberries, blueberries, along with salad (mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette) and potatoes, both whole and mashed. “I’m actually kind of excited for the salad,” says Shaw. “I know that sounds weird. And it sounds weird even saying it. But hey, I haven’t had a salad in a really long time, and it sounds pretty good.”

Rice has always been a staple for Shaw, but he’s also adding new carbs, including rice noodles. “I’m gonna need a lot of this,” he says as he proceeds to empty an entire shelf sleeve of rice noodles into his shopping cart. He then takes another sleeve for good measure—alongside a 15 pound bag of Calrose Rice. “I know this isn’t my normal 50-pound bag, but this will hold me over for a few days, I think.” A few days.

Shaw also says his new diet will include pasta sauce (which he’s excited about), corn grits (which he’s never had before and is also excited about), and sweet potato fries (which he is super excited about).

Pack all that into a grocery cart and just over $200 later, Shaw’s on his way home—but not before a quick stop for brisket.

If you’re asking where the rest of the big man’s meat has gone, Shaw has an answer: organic, grass-fed, top of the line. Shaw’s partnering with a company which will deliver him all his weekly meat needs right to his house. Someone should tell them they’re gonna need a bigger van.

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