We Tried 4 CBD-Infused Beverages & Here's What Happened

If you haven’t heard, CBD, or cannabidiol, is the hottest new superfood ingredient getting added to all sorts of things. We’re talking beverages, body balms, ice cream, and even coffee beans. The reason? There’s some evidence that CBD can help with a slew of issues, from period pain and inflammation to anxiety and arousal.

Our favorite way to get a dose of CBD leaves the heavy ice creams and infused edibles behind in favor of thirst-quenching beverages. Whether you fancy a spot of tea or need something cold to help you recover from a workout, we’re starting to discover that there’s a CBD-infused beverage out there for pretty much everyone.

We tested out four popular CBD-infused beverages to give you an idea as to what you can expect from your first CBD drink experience.

1. Neorogan Hemp CBD Tea

If you don’t mind the grassy, earthy flavor of hemp, this tea could be for you. Neorgan’s Hemp Enriched Tea is made out of a proprietary blend of organic, non-GMO Danish hemp. It has a light taste, and if the earthiness isn’t your thing a little honey and lemon liven things right up. Whether or not the CBD in the drink is responsible for how relaxed I felt after a cup may be up for debate (a nice hot cuppa is pretty soothing regardless), but I would reach for this as a soothing before-bed tonic any night.

Neorogan Hemp CBD Tea, $14.95 at Neurogan

2. Tree Below Zero Sparkling CBD Juice

Hemp-infused drinks don’t necessarily have to have that earthy, hippie flavor. Tree Below Zero is refreshingly fizzy and comes in unique flavors like Cranberry Ginger, Mandarin Blood Orange, and Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate, each can is infused with 25mg of CBD. The drinks are sweetened with organic cane sugar, and while I don’t normally drink sweet beverages, these tasted natural and not cloying the way corn syrup-sweetened drinks can. My favorite, cranberry ginger, left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Tree Below Zero 3-flavor gift pack, $16.97 at Amazon

3. SingleSeed Lalpina CBD Water

CBD is usually oil soluble, but Lalpina’s water is made with “CBD utilizing nanotechnology” that makes CBD water soluble, meaning your body can absorb more of it. I was pleasantly surprised by the light, clean flavor of the water, and was relieved that it wasn’t sweetened. I might not reach for a bottle of this every time I’m thirsty, but I would for sure grab one after a sweaty summer hike or grueling session at the gym to cool off and help my muscles relax and recover.

SingleSeed Lalpina CBD Water 12 pack, $65 at SingleSeed

4. True Breeze Pineapple Express Hemp Shots

If you don’t love the thought of sipping on a flavored beverage just to get the nutrients (as a devout water and seltzer drinker, I totally get it), Tru Breeze Drink shots with hemp are a nice solution. The shots are made with pineapple juice and 10mg of water-soluble hemp oil extract, and this flavor also has a nice spicy kick thanks to ginger, cayenne, and black pepper. It tastes like your standard immune-boosting health shot, goes down quickly so you can get on with your life, and has the soothing effects of CBD – a win in my book.

True Breeze Pineapple Express Hemp Shots 4-pack, $14.99 a Amazon


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