Why Menopause Is a Modern Phenomenon & Signals the End of Ovarian Function

Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim, CEO and founder of Celmatix, a biotech company rooted in ovarian health, has been studying female biology for over 20 years and notes the lack of drugs aimed at treating the female reproductive organs. “The drug industry treats us as tiny males,” Dr. Beim says. “The reality is, we’re not tiny males. We have organs unique to our bodies and we need to make products specifically in mind for those organs.”

For example, most people think of the ovaries as just an egg factory, but in reality, ovarian function is important for virtually every aspect of women’s health such as mental health, metabolism, heart health, bone health, sleep, and immune function. “When the ovary doesn’t function correctly and your ovarian health is not in balance, it sets you up for significant risk factors later in life, including the number one killer of women, which is heart disease and stroke.”

All women, at one point or another, are impacted by ovarian health. So, what does that mean for women? And for menopause? According to Dr. Beim, what we call menopause is the end of ovarian function, and while we think of menopause as a natural part of being a woman, she has a different take. “Menopause is a completely modern phenomenon,” she says. “One hundred years ago, the average life expectancy for a woman in the U.S. was about 48, and we know that ovarian function ends between the ages of 50 and 55. So, most women until very recently died with functioning ovaries. Fast forward to today and the average life expectancy in the U.S. is about 82.”

This means that women are outliving their ovaries for decades. “It’s a public health crisis,” says Dr. Beim. “We’re talking about a critical, vital organ that isn’t functioning for billions of women around the world.” But Dr. Beim wants you to know it’s not all bad news. She and other scientists have been making great strides in this area of women’s health. To learn more about how Dr. Beim plans to end menopause, watch the video above.

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