You can apply Vitamin D on the skin?

Can Vitamin D absorbed through the skin?

Vitamin D is often taken as a dietary Supplement, in the Form of capsules or Oil, or is administered by injection. You could apply Vitamin D3 in the Form of a cream on the skin? Can Vitamin D be absorbed through the skin?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble Vitamin that has in the body for numerous tasks. A Vitamin D deficiency, may favor the development of chronic disorders – from fatigue and lack of concentration on Diabetes and high blood pressure to autoimmune diseases, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Often Vitamin D from food is not taken supplements good or not well tolerated

It is known that Vitamin D in the body (can be made in the skin), self – however, only if you are staying often, is sufficiently long, and only lightly dressed, and in the short term, even without sunscreen in the sun. Since Vitamin D is also included in only a few foods in significant amounts (of fat fish, offal), the diet as a source of Vitamin D for most people. According to far, a corresponding deficiency is widespread.

Since the above-mentioned connections have spoken in the last few years long been around, many people are Vitamin D-containing dietary supplements. Who suffers, however, already to chronic diseases, medications must take, or digestive disorders, can often absorb Vitamin D poorly, and may not, therefore, in spite of a dietary Supplement his Vitamin D levels up to scratch.

Other people tolerate Vitamin D supplements not so good, and suffering after taking the appropriate capsules or drops to Nausea or other gastrointestinal problems. In these cases, it would be good if there would be to optimize Vitamin D levels, other possibilities, such as Applying a Vitamin-D-containing Oil or equivalent, is the cream on the skin.

Vitamin D as a cream for Application to the skin

To find out whether Vitamin D can be absorbed through the skin, led researchers in the year 2014 a study with 48 participants, all of them had a Vitamin D deficiency. Applicants with normal Vitamin D levels (more than 30 ng/ml) were not allowed to participate.

Half of the participants should now apply for three months daily one gram of Vitamin-D3-cream on Aloe Vera Basis, the other half of a Vitamin D3-free cream. The Vitamin-D3-cream contained per gram of 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 levels rise to three times

The average Vitamin D level was prior to the application of the Vitamin-D3-cream at 12,05 ng/ml, three months later, he stood at an average of 37,95 ng/ml. In the control group, which had only applied the Aloe Vera Gel was decreased already low output value even more.

Vitamin D3 can be taken, according to this study, so very good on the skin and has also shown no side effects, and may therefore be referred to as a safe.

In a more recent study (by 2018), even 550 persons. All of them had a Vitamin D deficiency, however, were still free from metabolic diseases. 350 should now be applied over a period of four months, daily 1 g of a Vitamin-D3-cream (5,000 IU Vitamin D3 per gram) on the skin, and the remaining 200 were given a placebo cream.

In this study, the Vitamin D levels in the Vitamin, rose-D3-cream-user-more than three times that of previously 11,03 ng/ml on 37,17 ng/ml. The control group had a value of 10.36, after four months, a value of 10,51 ng/ml.

Vitamin D3 increases the moisture level of dry skin

At the same time, Application of Vitamin D3 – according to a study from the year 2012 – on the skin for a higher moisture content of the same. This is not surprising, because the skin of people with low Vitamin D levels is often very dry.

What is Vitamin-D3-cream can be used?

In the USA, significantly more TRANS are already dermal Vitamin D3 supplements on the market, so preparations applied to the skin. Also, patch there is, the behind the ear is glued and per patch, not only with Vitamin D3 supply, but also with Vitamin K2 and Magnesium (in the Form of magnesium chloride, for example, Vitamin D3 Patch, transdermal).

In Europe, most of the Vitamin D creams are marketed for the treatment of Psoriasis (psoriasis) and eczema (e.g. atopic dermatitis), as has been shown, that the Application of Vitamin-D-containing cream can affect the above-mentioned skin diseases, extremely positive.

Although the skin is a mostly safe barrier against substances from the outside, is fat-soluble substances like the Vitamin D3 – then they can penetrate relatively well into the skin and the underlying blood vessels.

How can you increase the absorption of Vitamin D3 through the skin?

However, so-called enhancers as additives in the cream is recommended – the researchers of the above study. The Enhancer to facilitate Penetration of the Vitamin D in the skin. Among the Enhancers, essential Oils, alcohol and glycerol. However, even if the skin was previously bathed just, can you record hereafter, better the applied substances, e.g. in the Form of a Vitamin D3-Oil.

Here you can easily select, for example, Vitamin-D3-drops, which are actually intended for Oral use. The Vitamin-D3-drops of a effective nature, for example, contain, in addition to Vitamin D3, only MCT Oil. This is an Oil that is completely irritant-free, very well into the skin to feed, and thus the Penetration of Vitamin D in the skin can promote.

To be able to the required amount of drops set, but you should leave your current Vitamin D levels to determine and also after about three months, check whether the transdermal application of it led you to the desired success.