Amy Schumer Doesn't Care if You Don't Like Her Hospital Underwear

Amy Schumer will show off her underwear and postpartum body whenever she pleases, thank you very much. The actress gave fans a glimpse of her C-section scar in a recent Instagram post after some fans criticized her for posting pictures of herself wearing her hospital underwear. (Yes, it seems that fans are just as concerned about what’s outside Amy Schumer as they are about what’s inside of her.)

“I’m really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear. Except I’m just kidding,” she captioned the photo along with the hashtags “csection” and “balmain.”

It’s easy to dismiss this as just another form of mom-shaming, but while we’re here, let’s unload some facts on postpartum care. According to the American Pregnancy Association, new parents can experience vaginal bleeding for up to six weeks after a vaginal or C-section delivery. This uncomfortable — but completely natural — discharge is a result of the uterus shrinking and traveling back down into the pelvic region. Health professionals often recommend that people who have given birth wear thick pads or highly absorbent underwear, such as a disposable adult diaper, to prevent leaks. Some people prefer to wear pads inside of the hospital underwear for maximum support and comfort. The healing process isn’t always sexy or fun, and those who have given birth are experiencing enough discomfort without all of the external judgment.

Unfortunately, Schumer, who welcomed her son Gene Attell in May, is used to mom-shaming by now. A few weeks ago, critics slammed her for returning to work too soon after she performed a short stand-up comedy set at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. In response, she commented, “I’ve always wanted to be mom shamed!!!!” She later posted a photo of herself wearing a pumping bra with the caption, “Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!”

Since then, people have shamed Schumer for not brushing her hair often enough, posting about National Gun Violence Awareness Day, sharing her opinions on abortion laws, and snuggling with her baby with a blanket and pillow — and this is all just on Instagram. It’s not too surprising; at this point, it seems par for the course that outsiders will rip apart every little thing celebrity mothers say or do.

Of course, the I Feel Pretty star has received a decent amount of love from fans who appreciated her honest depiction of pregnancy (including some graphic puke videos), as well as her best postpartum moments (it takes a lot of courage to roam around in your hospital undies!).

As much as it pains us to Schumer slammed by complete strangers, we hope she continues to silence them in the best way she knows how: by living her damn life without hesitation or regret.

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